Saturday, March 24, 2007

GWL Caricatures 20- Braces for impact! (Dec. 2006)

this kid was totally speechless when he saw what I did to him, heh. I prolly should have made his nose bigger, the 1st thing I saw that jumped out on me was his teeth/braces and I decided to just put down all my marbles on it. wait, is that the expression? put all my chickens in the hatch?...ergh. put all my sticks and stones? ergh. anyhoo...

made his chin too small, oh well. overall, I liked the look of the pic though. I like when I get more anglular. I jump around with periods of roundy and angular sketch styles, I want more angular but sometimes I forget and revert back into the roundy. actually, I like more angular with some curvy look.
I tend to get in grooves where I'm drawing too much of what I see rather than how I should be doing some aggressive intepretaions/simplification. I thought these two I did it right, likeness weren't as good but at least I'm using my brain more and trying to challenge myself and these pics have more life, more of "me." you can see where there's less of me and they're the tamey sucky variety.
These 2 pics are a few months old, and I think I've changed/improved since...but still, today (March 22) I had one of those bad days where a lot of my pics were just boring and tame and patterny and genericy. I need to push it, I'm going to make an extra consious effort at the stand tomorrow.


Steve Willhite said...

Both of these rule! I love the angular look. The little kid-big head one below this post is great too.
I think you're improving leaps and bounds. When you're done leaping and bounding you might want to work on the art thing. Ha! Jus' kiddin'.

chris chUa! said...

ha ha! hey, I AM good at leaping and bounding...on your wife! ZING! ha ha ;) but thanks! glad ye likes the angular looks. and I think I am getting better, wish I could post the ones I'm doing now as I think they're much much better, but I like posting them all in order.

Steve Willhite said...

Hey, what's up with the naked guy walking around in the background of that first pic?!! What kind of place do you work?