Tuesday, October 27, 2009

caricature- Kim Martel socket nose! Katie Lawter hair! Katie face mixer! Mike/Brieann face melt! Lauren sushi cupcakes! (AUG 2009)

*11-10-09* so I guess I exceeded my photobucket bandwidth. pics will be back up on the 12th. then I'm going to move pics to another account, sorry about that, folks! gonna start moving a few pics so at least there's something to see in a bit...

*ALSO, if you want to see some caricatures that are a bit older (still updating with newer ones) check out my deviant art page at http://chrischua.deviantart.com/

1. This is the soccer playian kickassian, Kim Martel, and fellow caricature artist at Dorney park. I, on the other hand, am a kickASIAN, heh. This is the second caricature I've done of her- I drew her last year. I like it enough, but still feel like I could have captured her mouth better and I tried something with the background elements that didn't quite work out. Oh, I just threw myself in the reflection in her eyes. Kim has taught me to be careful not too give my goldfish too much water to drink or else they might get bloody noses ;P

2. Flora Robertson. a first year caricature artist that is tremendously talented. and there's my good buddy, Matt Zitman, again in the background, being all Zitman-y. oh and check out the awesome caricature demos in the background- drawn by my other good buddy, Alex Clare, and googley-eyedified improved by Matt and I, hee hee.

3. Katie Lawter. Another 1st year caricature artist that has some impressive skillage. this caricature literally took me forever. seriously, it was more like fiveever. hooray for bad puns, heh! I started over a bunch of times. I missed on her eyes too. oh well, I'll get her next year.

4. Jeff Muniz. airbrush artist and all-around good dude. eh. I missed on likeness but I like some of the lines.

5. another of Lauren Miller. this one was done really quickly. I seem to always draw Lauren really creepy, haha, even though she's like the sweetest girl ever. ha ha, one day I will draw her supa cute.

and here we have awesome "sushi" cupcakes that the aforementioned lovely, Lauren, made for us. she put swedish fish and rice crispies on top. left to right: Alex Clare, Lauren, Matt Zitman, Meself. I love our employees!

6. Katie Stahl. 2nd one of 2nd year caricature artist. I was seeing how far I could push it. I like aspects of it, but don't think it quite came together as much as I had envisioned.

7. Kate Santee. a 4th (or 5th?) year caricature artist. She's also a very very talented artist. She does some great character designs. 1st one I drew of her. I missed on her eyes. I liked the hair.

8. This is my friend and caricature artist, Mike Dias and his cool girlfriend, Brieann. I had an idea and went with it. not sure how well the likenesses are but I think it's kinda fun and really enjoying trying things like this.


cool music to check out- MoZella

in the vein of Lenka/Lilly Allen/Adelle. fun catchy, checky it out. the whole album is pretty conchristantly good. you can listen to all of her new album on her myspace here

My Marvel interview for "Strange Tales #3"! + 2 preview pages! comes out Nov 4!

Hey folks! Marvel comics interview me about the short I wrote and illustrated for "Strange Tales #3"called "Suenami Cupcake!" They just posted it on their website at www.Marvel.com! you can read it HERE! Some of it might bore you as I tried to be serious to get across some actual information...but I did try and throw in some of my usual silliness :) thanks to Sean T. Collins for the interview!

*NOTE! the pages they posted in the interview that I drew for some reason the colors are WAY whacked out, I think they didn't switch over to RGB (the proper format for viewing color on the web) when they posted it. I mean the colors ARE really whacked out, but it's even too whacked out what they posted, heh. so below is more like what it looks like*

Check back as I'll prolly post some behind the scenes extras and explain some things! :)

and here's the cover to look out for when the book comes out next week! Nov 4! and more info about the book at Marvel.com's website! here

or on my other post on my blog here

caricatures: Sharing a mouth! roller coast-eary! Zitman/Chua collab reject! romantic turtle! your WHALEcome!! and more!(AUG 2009)

Here's some of the better sketches drawn at Dorney Park, PA during this past August 2009. comments, crits, ones you liked and didn't always appreciated!

1. I like the way the guy came out, silly and fun. the girl is ok, could have been more exaggerated cuted more. that's right I said, cuted! his earring on her head is weird and fun. that's right I said fun! oh, well I guess "fun" is a normallyed used worded. aaand I'm doned.

2. these folks were in the army and asked if I could do something Rambo-ish. It came out decent, nothing too stylized crazy. I was using my brain juices more for figuring out the bodies which usually what happens when I'm doing bodies that I don't have as clear an idea.

3. these girls were really chatty and loud, then when their friends came to watch and laugh they got really nervous. I thought that when they saw it that it was gonna be bad but oddly enough they liked it and had a good laugh. I was pretty happy with it and that I could connect their mouth and teeth togethery. oh and I drew my wonderful co-worker, Lauren Miller, in the braces cause she was working with me at the time.

4. I like her big hair shape and some of the contrasting shapes. think the woman could have been more graphic and funner. they were a bit shocked when they saw it but were still good sports. oh and I like the way I drew the part in her hair- odd, simple and graphic.

5. the only requirements they asked was to make something "romantic" they liked it. I drew my buddy and co-worker, Alex Clare, as the turtle again. I thought it was fun and liked that I didn't really draw in any hair for the girl with a marker and just used the color stix.

6. I missed on the likeness but thought the body was fun. he said he liked partying and basketball so I combined them.

7. just a nice one.

8. hmm...at the time I drew it, I thought I really got the girl. looking at it now, eh, not as much. think mouth is too big.


10. I was about to really jack up her face...but was one of those things where I drew a blank and couldn't really figure out a way to really push it. and I didn't want to sacrifice likeness too much. eh and even the likeness is not as strong.

11. I like this one and that line from her pony tail to her sis's hair.

12. there's some fun crazy loopdee loop connect lines. woman is kinda tame and likeness on guy is iffy which is what can happen when I do complicated connect lines when I'm trying to force a face into a connect line- restricts me, that's usually the trade off. you can see the guy from the next pic in the background waiting to get drawn...

13. ...and here he is with his wife. they were great and appreciate. I was pretty happy with this mostly cause of the cool connect lines

14. I like this one, some very appropriate rollercoaster-y connect lines. prolly one of my more intense long connect line...woman's likeness and lack of exaggeration were sacrificed to line up the connect lines again though. I like that I had her holding on to his ears, I should do more of this kind of stuff.

15. ugh. this is a fail. she wanted a body sketch but didn't know what she wanted and said the dreaded "do whatever you want" line. which can be awesome but at the same time not cause you have TOO many possibilities and so you are asking yourself, well, I like drawing weird and crazy stuff so I could just do that, but the angel side of me is like, well, I'm not sure if they're gonna like what I do and there's a part of me that really wants them to like it and obviously buy the drawing. So, I went with--I'm just gonna do whatever silly stupid idea I get. I thought her hair looked sorta like a pineapple so I'm thinking, yeah! I'm gonna draw her as a pineapple! so I'm doodling and doing my thang until I realize, I'm not exactly sure how to draw a pineapple (ironic, I know, since I had thought that she looks like a pineapple) but moreso the specifics of how the texture on the skin of it went. anyhoo, I don't think it worked out so well and I pretty much gave up halfway thru it. but it is really stupid looking in a silly semi fun way so I thought I'd let you folks see it.

16. the background blue on the right side of her makes her look kind of pixel-y. huh...


18. looking at this now, I didn't realize how wacky it looks, heh. I like it though. he bought a frame for it too, yay!

19. I like this one. I like when things come together nicely with their similar chins as one, well, sorta, heh.


21. yay! drawing old people is fun!

22. hey look, it's matt zitman in the background

23. it's ok. what I found amusing was that these people were visiting from China and they came all the way to the U.S. to experience an american theme park and their unique souvenirs, like their 1st caricature!...that was drawn by me. another asian. heh. it's not really that funny, but on paper it's kinda ironic.

24. some fun connect lines but otherwise I should have pushed it way more.

25. a really nice couple. I should've separated their faces, lacks depth.

26. I thinned him out too much and wrong choice in face shape. I just like this for the way I did the hair/hairline.

27. I've wanted to try the small girl body holding on to a big guy thing, this is the 1st attempt. I think it's fun and cute.

28. nice guy. their family watching me really enjoyed it. I think they were from Ireland.

29. I like this one. Zitman said I missed on the girls mouth...I can see what he's saying. and I sorta missed on the likeness on the guy. picked the wrong proportions a bit. hmm...well, maybe I don't like this one as much, heh. oh, I know what I liked, I liked that they share the middle line for their faces- his outline is the reverse of hers and vice versa- like a puzzle piece. I've done a few more like that coming up.

30. I like the minimal lines here.

31. the guy asked me to put a coke can on her dairyaire.

32. I like the contrasts and strong lines and shapes here.

33. I was really happy with the center line that her face makes up her body and vice versa. like a connecting lego block.

34. I like the way the guy came out. check out the big whoopsie with the guy's arm being impossible to be like that.

35. eyes should have been smaller prolly but it's a cute simple one.

36. guy came out fun, I missed on the likeness on the girl- mouth too big.


38. heh

39. their family loved it. I'm not so sure he liked it or got it, heh.

40. I like the coloring on this one.

41. another sharing middle face line. girl could have been more exaggerated

42. I like this one. it's silly and fun. you may ask why draw people's eyes on other faces? um. why not? heh. this sketch got me the next sketch...

43. these people were awesome! they watched me draw the previous one above and waited to get drawn by me. they said they get caricatures done but are pretty picky with artists that draw them. it was cool that the one they saw me do was one where I did more my thing. cause sometimes I'll just draw a tame bland one and others will see and want that and then I have to do another bland boring one. they had cool faces and I liked how the connect of her nose to him came out. it was more of a different connect than I usually do, I think. I was pretty happy with this one.


45. I like his chin forming her neck combo. the date in the background they wanted, I think it was their 1st date or something like that.

46. so it was WAY past closing time and they really wanted a caricature, I said, "ok, I will stay and draw you but it's going to be really really funny" they agreed. their family was cracking up as I was drawing it. when they saw it, the older sister was pretty surprise and HATED it. the younger one liked it and understood it was suppose to be funny. whatever, I gave them a few bucks off and still made them buy it. not really my best or anything either.

47. I like that I really tried to simplify her face into a circle. guy could have been more pushed more but it's still fun.

48. I missed on the guy on the left a bit.

49. drawing the facepaint was actually pretty fun. they had it done earlier by one of our facepainters in the park--the ambili eating and exqchrisite, Carla Horner, painted it :). the dad really liked the caricature, the girls seemed more confused about it and I like nestle's Crunch bars. well, it's got rice in it so obviously, I'm all up in that.



52. I liked how the coloring came out, especially on the girl, her cheeks.

53. these people were from europe somewhere. good sports and their family was liking it as well.


55. I like the circle forehead of the little girl.


57. so this guy comes up and wants to be drawn with a body but doesn't know what kind of body. he asks me what else I can draw. I ask him what he likes, he goes football. he asks what else I can draw and I spout out a big list of possibilities. nothing really catches his attention. then he goes what about football, heh. I was like ok, heh. he said he also likes grilling. Zitman was there and says, you should have him doing both. I didn't know it at the time, but Zitman said he usually likes to suggest that to make it harder and piss off other caricature artists but actually I like that idea of combining multiple activites and something I try to push more now. anyhoo, I liked the way this came out, it's fun. I'm slowly trying to improve my bodies so it's not something I dread as much and deem as going to make my picture suck more. I still like drawing just faces the best. oh and I drew Zitman as the guy getting hit, heh.

59. ha ha, Zitman was trying to get this kid's mom to let him draw the kid but the mom kept blowing him off. I guess she was waiting for me for some reason, ha ha. again, ironic this kid and mom were from Japan and wanted another asian to draw her kid. It's like going to Japan and instead of eating their Japanese cuisine instead going to McDonalds and chopping off your legs so you'll be shorter. wait, what?!

60. me likes it.

61. I thought it was cute and sweet. the girl was a bit surprised but cool enough with it, I think.


63. so I walk up to one of our stands about to start my shift and I see my co-worker finishing up a sketch and then they are at the counter and it turns out the guy left his wallet in the car. so the girl stays and the guy goes to his car. then it turns out the guy forgot his keys so now the girl goes to give it to him. As I'm standing there with my just my co-worker, I go, hmm...do you think they don't want the sketch and are just trying to be slick and leave? heh. but sure enough, they come back, pay for it. so my co-worker leaves to go on break and this same couple comes back and says they aren't happy with the sketch. I ask them what is wrong with it, usually it's because it's that they think it doesn't look like them or that it's too funny. they said that the picture wasn't funny enough and that they just wanted a funny sketch to laugh at. hah! well that was a welcomed answer. I didn't go THAT funny and rushed it a bit more cause they already sat for 1 sketch and didn't want them to sit for too long. As I was drawing it, there was a guest behind me that was dieing with laughter at the sketch and said they were gonna come back and get one, which they did...

64...and here they are. These people were awesome, like I said, these people saw me draw a funnier one and wanted a funny one as well. I wish I had more time to work on this but there was a crazy hail/rain storm that was passing by as I drew this so I had to hurry it up as the rain was pouring down like crazy.


65. this kid wanted a body but didn't know what he want (for some reason I had been getting that more than not during this time) and so I went down a whole list of ideas, nothing really clicked with him. again, football was the one he was leaning towards but I said to add something with it so it's more interesting. he said he liked the new GI Joe movie and liked Storm shadow. I was like, how about a samurai, it's got swords like a samurai and he was cool with it. I added the Michael Vick of the Eagles and of the infamous dog fighting ring incident he spent time in jail for. I added the chopping of ruff ruff too, heh. his friend was watching me draw it and said, "that is a very aggressive picture" heh. I thought that was just a funny statement from like a 12 year old kid.

66. I like the grampa. the youngest came out a bit creepy and not as cute as it could have been.

67. this one is mostly cool for the non use of marker hair.

68. turtle on kids shirt!...actually, they said it was a dinosaur. but I'm SAURy, I want it to be a turtle!

69. thought this one came out pretty solid all around.

60. hmm...eyes could have been wider apart and lower. Zitman said the kid looks creepy but I think it still looks cute-ish.

61. speaking of my buddy, Zitman, I drew him getting stiff armed. I drew myself in the kid's eye reflection too.

62. hee hee. her eyes crack me up. I like this one.

63. this is a another live sketch collaboration. I started it off by drawing the girl on the left then Zitman drew the girl on the right. they didn't like it and it was rejected. said they looked evil or something. oddly enough, both Zitman and I BARELY pushed it, it's easiest THE most tame collab sketch we've done and our 1st collab reject. oh well. we did another one in September that was cooler, I'll post that when I go thru September's sketches to post.

64. ahh...and this is whale-y that I drew up. So as a park caricaturist or as a park employee you will be asked several questions a day. things like, where's the bathroom, where is this rollercoaster, etc, etc. and then usually, after we tell them the answer they will say thank you! well, I decided to draw this whale and put it on our easel out in front and when the guest says, thank you, I say, "your whalecome!" and point to the whale and go, get it? eh? eh? then they just usually smile at me or look at me funny. and then I feel all warm and gooshy inside, heehee. so that's become my new thang and I've gotten other employees to do that as well, heh. so turtle, smurtle, it's the new era of the whale now! :)

well, this was pretty much the end of the busy summer season. there's still some pretty cool and crazy ones that I did in Sept and October coming up soon. I'll post those soonish!