Thursday, December 13, 2007

Caricatures--Mikey C! Gums- a-mania! JuliAHHH!, Me and more! (MARCH 2007)

some friends I drew 9 months ago--

this is the 1st caricature I drew of my friend, Mike Crawford, Kaman's manager at Dorney Park, PA. Mike is a caricature artist as well and his caricatures are friggin awesome! seriously. One of the best live sketches out there. Likeness, exaggeration, fun, cute, line quality, style, body situations out of nowhere that rule with no undersketch, speed, coloring...he's got it all...that bastard :) His sketches make me want to punch myself in the head, I'm a big fan.

anyhoo, this one was fun, it sort of has a different feel and not super crazy, but I liked it enough. I did a much crazier one a couple months ago of him overthrowing the government, heh. I'll post that whenever I catch up with the other hundreds of drawings I still have to put up, heh.

this is Stacie, she came up from Worlds of Fun, Misouri, last year to draw with me last year for a couple of weeks. she's a cool cat!

another one, crazier. less of a likeness though.

this is Stacie and her boyfriend. I was happy with this one. I like how the forehead turned out.

this is Carlos, he works at Great Wolf and is a cool mellow dude. this is one of my favorites.

This is the 1st one I did of my co-worker, Julia. She's silly and fun. Also, she loves to hug squids so she can fill markers with their ink, heh.

This is Ron and his wife. Ron rocks! I tamed it up a little on this one.

this is Jackie. she's cool too. I like the crazy mouf.

1st one I did of the cool-alicious Nikky. also gumalicious! was messing around trying super thick lines. eh.

I thought I didn't quite get what I had in mind on the 1st one so I did another one, eh. not sure this one got it either.

one I did of myself, eh. missed on likeness, but I liked the look of it.

even more coming up, prolly next week!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

GWL: 40 "...or else she'll rip it apart." (MARCH 2007)

This one was fun, I was working with another artist, Stacie, at the time and this guy sat down in her chair and this guy says "draw me outrageous" and Stacie goes "well, you should get drawn by him then" pointing to me. I was psyched! looking at it now, I don't think it's THAT crazy and I could have gone much crazier now, but I still like this one (thanks, Stacie!). The guy liked it and was a really cool guy to chat with. He said he was going to bring his wife to get drawn by me the next day. He did bring her the next day, but unfortunately, I was busy drawing people and guess they couldn't wait that long. This drawing also got me the next one below...

...she liked what I did with the guy above and wanted one like it. yay! I like when I get to go more crazy and then someone sees it and wants one like it.

this one had an interesting story, I was drawing her and almost done drawing her,into the coloring stage and this girl's mom walks over, leans in and whispers into my ear in a very serious tone "if you don't make the cheeks smaller she's going to rip it apart" I just stopped in my tracks, puzzled, as it's drawn with marker and not like I can just fix I just thought- oh well, I can't do anything now and continued to finish it. The girl saw her mom saying something to me and asked "what?" and her mom goes "nothing dear, everything's great" or something similar in a very cheerful completely opposite to what she whispered to me tone. so anyway, I showed the girl the drawing and she loved it! she bought a frame and was clutching the framed piece tightly. I saw her again the next day and she came back saying again how much she loved it. I was pretty happy with it overall, the cheeks are lop-sided which is a habit I have but I thought it was still a fun one.

more pics, more crazier ones very soon!

GWL 39: Wizard, googley eye, stuffed monkey and more! (MARCH 2007)

kinda slacked on the updating process...I've been busy with art and stuff, should be more updates quicker.
here's more stuff from 9 months ago, didn't really go too nuts/nothing really too crazy--

^I like this one, thought it was fun

^I mostly liked how the monkey came out

^check out that snoopy I drew on her shirt, yay.

more crazier ones in the next post, coming up in a jiffy!