Saturday, March 24, 2007

Caricatures- Stacy Pierce and Stang (Oct. 2006)

here's a sketch I did a few months ago of friend/all-around cool peep and fellow caricaturist, Stacy Pierce. check out her work!--

GWL Caricatures 21- Don't give me any lip! (Dec. 2006)

here's another one where I just went with instinct and I like the pic cause it's nutty and pushing it and fun to look at but doesn't really look like her. It's funny how after you take the pic of the person and look at the comparison and go, now why didn't I do that/why did I do that?!

GWL Caricatures 20- Braces for impact! (Dec. 2006)

this kid was totally speechless when he saw what I did to him, heh. I prolly should have made his nose bigger, the 1st thing I saw that jumped out on me was his teeth/braces and I decided to just put down all my marbles on it. wait, is that the expression? put all my chickens in the hatch?...ergh. put all my sticks and stones? ergh. anyhoo...

made his chin too small, oh well. overall, I liked the look of the pic though. I like when I get more anglular. I jump around with periods of roundy and angular sketch styles, I want more angular but sometimes I forget and revert back into the roundy. actually, I like more angular with some curvy look.
I tend to get in grooves where I'm drawing too much of what I see rather than how I should be doing some aggressive intepretaions/simplification. I thought these two I did it right, likeness weren't as good but at least I'm using my brain more and trying to challenge myself and these pics have more life, more of "me." you can see where there's less of me and they're the tamey sucky variety.
These 2 pics are a few months old, and I think I've changed/improved since...but still, today (March 22) I had one of those bad days where a lot of my pics were just boring and tame and patterny and genericy. I need to push it, I'm going to make an extra consious effort at the stand tomorrow.

Friday, March 23, 2007

GWL Caricatures 19- big head, teeny kid. fellow slanty couple (DEC 2006)

like I said, big head, teeny kid.

I think I made some wrong decisions and lost likeness. I was feeling more bold with this drawing and decided to take more chances and go with my instincts. overall, I liked the look and polish of this one. don't like the background though, think I overdid it/ a bit too distracting

I did this one really quick and overall I thought it was fun. it's fun to draw my fellow yellow /'s

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 18- Marian 3- 5head!, I read zine! (Dec. 2006)

here's the 4th drawing I've done of my co-worker, Marian. check past posts for the 1st 3. I try varying things up with each drawing of the same person. this time I went for her 5head.

eh, not too exaggerated, but think it looks like him


this guy sat down on my customer chair in front of my easel and started reading his magazine. He had a great face and so I asked if I could draw a demo of him and he said no thanks. I really wanted to draw his face and playfully complained outloud that I was bummed. He was pretty reluctant but then agreed once I said he didn't have to pose and could keep reading his wordy things. after I finished the caricature and showed it to him, he was really surprised and really dug it and was lots more chatty/happy afterward, so that was cool. yay for me. heh.

this is Felicia, she's a cool cat. This one was fun. I'd prolly exaggerate a lot more if I did it now.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 17- VannaHHHHH!!!!! (Dec.2006)

This is Vanna, a fellow caricaturist and who has a kick ass live sketch. She looks supa dupa creepy in this pic. I just peed myself. oh wait---no, that was a cat that peed on me. wait---ok, NOW that's my pee, ahhhhh.... anyway, making up stuff is fun. speaking of making up stuff and coffee (what? I know.)I drew a picture of Vanna, I was pretty pleased with it. It's funky. She's smiling all creepily and it changed the shape of her face so it prolly doesn't look as much like what I saw when I drew her sans the creeper smiler. so you're gonna have to trust me, or just stalk Vanna and find a more referential sound picture of what I'm talking about...of which I have no idea. so yeah, blueberries! yay!

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 16- Anna 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 lime BLARGH!!! (Dec. 2006/Jan. 2007)

This is Anna, she's real cool. She enjoys getting caricaturized and likes to be drawn multiple times. She even changes up her hair for each time, which is awesome. I like to draw the same person multiple times, it's fun to try and find different solutions to the same face. I thought my 1st try was fun. Anna's got a great face, she's got this cool/mysterious-ish/sultry type vibe, I really enjoy drawing her.

I like this one, it's nutty.

a quick profile one

eh. this one isn't so good, it was too safe/wishy washy.

This is Anna puking all of her favorite foods, heh. Her friends-- Amanda, Robin, and Vanna are looking on (who I've all drawn as well, will be posting Vanna and Amanda soon). Gonzo and myself are thrown in there as well. Bathroom was referenced from my apartment/where Gonzo stayed at for a bit. Mouse eating bread is in reference to a real incident where a mouse ate Gonzo's banana loaf that was on top of our fridge, that was one crafty athletic mouse.

I like this one. I kind of combined my tools that I use for my live park sketches with the tools I use when I draw at home.

all 5 drawings done in about a 1 or 2 week period.