Thursday, November 20, 2008

Caricatures- Hamster skater, Weird Double Reject, Bloody Shark, Chua braces, See thru connecta face (JULY 2008)

drawn during the month of JULY 2008 at Dorney Park, PA

1. She asked if I could draw a demo of her. Always nice when they have a great face and want to be drawn, demo or not. She saw the drawing, didn't seem to have too much reaction to it, she thanked me and went on her way. that same expression was pretty much her constant expression throughout our whole exciting experience.

2. they were laughing pretty hard when they saw it, the girl on the left said it didn't look like her but she wasn't mad about that or anything, just enjoying it...? which is weird, and happens at times, cause you're happy they "like it" and are having a good time, but whenever someone says you missed on likeness, no matter what, it always stings even if you think you got them, which I thought I did. oh well, I still like it. they had cool faces.



5. deeemo

6. This one was a reject?...I'm guessing. as I was drawing both of them, the guy says, oh, we don't have enough money, we'll come back and get you the rest. and neither of them had seen the sketch at the time he said it too. they never came back. I don't think they liked it too much anyway.

7. made her look older a bit, I like the simplicity of the lines though. and yay for turtles!

8. one of her friends watching says, "you have a step for a chin." connect line from cheek to teeth.

9. their faces are kinda joined together. been messing around with that stuff, kinda weird... kinda fun. it's weirdly fun! everybody now, weirdly fun!... no? oh. all right.

10. this girl was excited about getting a caricature. she said she got one at the shore and it wasn't very good. she looked puzzled when she saw what I drew. guess she wasn't as thrilled with mine either. I tried to make it super cute too.

11. this was a cool fun family. the kid on the bottom right was sorta freaking out about how I drew his nose, but by the end of me drawing everyone, he calmed down and didn't feel as bad.

12. these were cool cousins. he was from Ireland.

13. "it's hamma time! don dah nah!"

14. I liked the way her mouth came out.


16. drawn on the 4th of July, there were fireworks at the time in the park so I put some in. they were holding hands the whole time so I added it with a heart awwwww

17. I really like that her left check doubles as his right side mouth. It was one of those nice instances where the shapes worked out just right. like 2 puzzle pieces that click perfectly. speaking of puzzles, I like barbecue. puzzled? exactly.

18. He had a picture of his girlfriend that he wanted me to draw him with...or maybe it was just a random girl that he wished was his girlfriend, heh. ok, maybe not. ehhh...or could be, who knows.


20. she was really excited about getting a caricature and was happy with the results. I would have drawn her differently now, I think I lost some likeness by choosing the wrong things to exaggerate. I like how I drew the guy though, even though kinda tame, I think I got his expression.

21. his brother suggested him being pulled by a hamster. then later he said, "oh, I should have suggested a turtle" but I was already drawing the hamster, which I kinda fudged. I put one of those manga teardrops next to the hamster cause he's straining.




25. I often suggest to people that want to be drawn with a body that they can be an animal. She excitedly said "giraffe!" I need to refresh on my drawings of animals. and of everything as well.

26. demo that I liked. one day, I will draw every sketch like this! bwa ha ha!

27. after I drew in the teeth with marker, I realized that there was just enough teeth to spell CHUA in the braces. then it occurred to me that there was actually just the right number of teeth on the bottom to spell CHRIS. in hindsight, looking at it now, spelling out my name THAT obvious on the kid's teeth is retarded. sorry, kid!

28. These 3 people sat down and were excited, even though the 2 girls were a tadpole nervous about getting drawn. when I ripped it off and showed them, the girls laughed, but the guy gave me the iciest stare that I've ever gotten in my life. he just kept staring at me as I took the picture up to the counter, his icy stare following me. he didn't even get up from his chair like the other two did. He paid for it and they decided to leave it at the stand to be picked up later. I went on break right after that. when I got back, my co-worker said that the guy came back and said that his girlfriend was "crying and traumatized" over the caricature and wanted his money back. yeah right, his girlfriend dug it, it was he who didn't like it. My co-worker said that he was all nervous and shaking when he was talking. He just didn't like my caricature of him that looked exactly like him and was making excuses. Those girls were laughing and cool with it, and it wasn't even one of those nervous laughing cause you don't know what to do laughs either. I wish I was there to talk to him. so yeah, another reject.


30. he wanted to be Two-Face from the Dark Knight movie. which I hadn't seen yet. yup, I'm the last person in the world that hasn't seen it yet. so yeah, he described what he looked like in the movie for me. eh. I don't really like it, weak caricature, lacks inspiration and subpar execution, not pushed enough...but I sorta like the creepy face part.

31. He was a science teacher...until he was bitten by a radio active spider...and then he had to get a band aid. but could now listen to any radio station in the country. with the aid of a radio, of course.

32. so-so sketch. but she's a butterfly, so hurray for that mr. chua. are you referring to yourself? yes. yes, I yam. I mean potato.

33. I was putting some blood around it and his girlfriend (the butterfly above) was all saying behind me, "that's waaaay too much blood, waaay too much..." heh. but hey, I made the sky pink so that makes it even out, eh? :)

34. her nose line to lips connect line. the woman didn't seem to like the sketch so much.


36. I was chatting with this couple, this was their first time getting one done. The guy made one of those half jokingly comments-- "this is our first one so don't ruin our 1st experience with it, hee hee" I was thinking, hmm, this might be trouble, they both had great fun faces... so I finished it and I showed it to them, and they were nice, but I could see that they were a bit shocked but didn't say anything about not liking it. They bought it and went on their way. A few minutes later I saw them around the stand, watching my co-worker, Vanna, draw. Then they were talking to her and now getting redrawn by them. It did bug me that they didn't bother talking to me and just went right to someone else, 5 feet next to me to get it redrawn (I lose the sale and she gets credit for it). But Vanna has an awesome sketch and she didn't hold back. She jacks people up but does it in a nicer way and way less weird than me, heh, so I didn't mind that Vanna was the person to redraw it and get the sale. Her version was great. I was happy with mine. yeah, it IS kinda creepy looking and I could see how it was a reject, but I wouldn't mind it as much if they weren't so sneaky about it. her eye line to his cheek and her teeth to his chin connect line.

37. So this couple was watching me draw the one right above (which later I found out was a reject thingy) and the guy was loving it and telling the couple so, which I thought would help me get the sale, but didn't. As soon as I was done with the rejected one, they sat right down, ready to get drawn. It's always great when people watch you draw and do your thang and want that too. The guy was a ball of fun, making jokes, having a grand ol time. Their kids/grandkids? in the background were watching me and laughing. After I sold the sketch, and right after I found out the prior sketch of the other couple had rejected my drawing, the guy comes back and said he wanted a refund. I was like, huh? why? he said his wife didn't like her pic. what the?!? So I gave him his money back. A minute later, the wife walks up to me and says that she wants me to rip up the drawing. wtf?! I tried to ask why she didn't like it, I thought I was kinda nice on her and it was a fun pic, especially since she had to have watched me draw the prior one, which I thought was a LOT more vicious. She wouldn't give me an answer and just kept saying she wanted me to rip it apart. I should have said that she can rip it up IF she bought it, otherwise she has no right, but I just promised her that I wouldn't put it on display and she was good enough with that. sheesh! two rejects in a row. and weird ones too. I don't usually get too many rejects as it is. It was a rough day.

38. this kid had some extra cheekage action going yon

39. nice contrasts in personalities. could have gone further though


41. I'm getting beat up.

42. made the girl's teeth too big and aggressive.

43. they wanted to be monkeys. I like the kid's face, but overall, the lines are too distracting and wishy washy. there's no definite strong design to the overall sketch. I need to work on bodies, I don't plan them out as well and most of the time just go with whatever comes to mind especially if it's something that I haven't drawn before, like this.

44. I like this one. lip to lip connect line.

45. these people were cool and appreciative of the sketch. chin to cheek connect line.

46. kinda tame, I just like the chin to cheek connect line. guess I wanted to do it again after the previous one.

47. eh, you get one eye.

48. you get 2 dots for eyes

49. this one is iffy. I really should just delete it. but now i've written too much and now would be a waste to delete.

50. demo. this stuff is fun.


52. this couple came at the very end of the night, just as I was in mid closing down the stand. they begged me to draw them. My line for these situations is that, ok, I'll draw you...BUT it's going to be very very funny. they were like sure sure. after I finished and showed it to them, the guy goes, that's horrible. I couldn't tell if he was joking or not. He DID buy a frame for it...which I've seen people buy frames for caricatures they don't like, which always puzzles me...they WERE nice cool people throughout the drawing and after. I liked it, they had cool faces, especially him. connect line from his mouth to her nose, it's not as clear cause I shaded in his mouth too dark where I left it open.


54. I was happy with this one. fun contrasts. connect line from his head to her hairline. connect from his mouth to cheek, which really isn't anything, other that it's weird and amuses me, heh.

55. her hair is weird, was messing around, trying something.

56. the connecting lips looks kinda weird in hindsight.


59. overcolored it. lost all her highlights.

60. this guy was a big boxer fan. I had a nice chat with him. I used to watch and follow a lot of boxing on TV with my dad when I was younger.

61. I don't know where I got the idea but I liked the see-thru connecta-face overlap. I liked the way he came out, very shapey. I should have made her more shapes and gave her a bigger forehead. but overall I thought it was neat.

62. Collab. I colored this over Mike Crawford's black and white sketch for fun.

August caricature post coming up soon! some cool stuff-- more connect faces, triple face connectors, zelda shape dude, bagpipes, human t-bear, hello kitty punch, eggroll and more!