Thursday, October 07, 2010

Caricatures- face in faces, share glasses, after prom with Zitman, Clare, Appleby (MAY/JUNE 2010)

here's some sketches I did during the month of May and June 2010.
comments/crits/ones you liked or didn't like always whalecomed!!

1. the girl asked if I could draw her wearing the same kind of glasses as her boyfriend, I said sure. then I got this idea and went with it. they liked it. yay! likeness on guy is better than girl, girl needs more cheekage...

2. I went to draw/help out Six flags, NJ, early in the season. oh and yay! ashuuuns!
3. I listened to the new maroon 5 album, pretty disappointing. I liked their other albums and the single is decent but the album overall is just kinda blah, maybe one other decent song, rest is kinda forgettable. you know what else is forgettable? sarah marshall. yes, I had to just look up how to spell marshall. e? a? 2 l's? it's all very confusing. oh, I did like that movie, just being tardy sauce. still wanna watch "get him to the greek"
 4. always wanted to put someone's face inside someone else's. so this is sorta it, heh. y'know, I never really put too much thought into it, but I wonder when people go home with a sketch like this, do they just go "what the hell IS this? no seriously, did we just pay 30 some bux for this?!? I hate asian caricature artists, ARGH!!!!" ha ha ha.
5. I like the 2  girls on the right, didn't have a good game plan for the girl on the left. these girls were cool and had a good laughy.


11. my favorite thing of this sketch is that I made his band shirt of "Dimmu Borgir" into a burger, heh. I amuse meselfy. also she had a shirt with a fish on it. I love fish! and whales! but mostly whales
 12. just a demo, messed up the likeness of the dude on the right cause I was trying to fit him into the shape I already drew for the rice eater. oh and I like the shirt I did, heh. I like math-y's eye/ brown's hair line.
13. demo. I like the streamlineness of it. which is the antithechris of the spelling of the word, ironically.
14. I hate his shirt. I really do, it's very unbearable to me.  heh.


16. drawing lots of people forces you to draw faster and go with your instinct more. that's right, matt zitman, I had them all pose while I drew them! heh... 
17. two of the girls that I drew in the previous pic came back a week after to get one done with their other 2 friends. It's coolwhip opportunity  to get a chance to draw a guest again. I wasn't really too happy with the top right girl on the other, this one still didn't get her as much, but I think it's a bit better.

so Glee. people seem to be eating this show up's chocolate covered pretzels...or at least that would make me want to eat it up. cause I like chocolate covered pretzels. I watched the show for like 3 minutes and was like yeah, this show is stupid. it's like all of a sudden they breakdown into covers of popular songs. ok fine. but they're not even singing in that moment, they're clearly lip syncing themselves which looks stupid and they're not even trying to put a spin on the song, it's just the song. big whoop. ok, so I didn't watch a whole show so maybe there's good story and plot and acting. but regardless of that, there's going to be a bunch of these song interludicrousness then that's just annoying and automatically makes me not care.

and yes, I like rambling apparently. that's just how I eggroll. I beet to my own dwight schrute farm. I still like the Office, good stuff!
18. I like how the top right guy came out. I put a whale in the middle kid's braces. cause y'know, that's what the kids like these days. and by "kids" I mean, me.

the movie Mean Girls was on tv. always heard good things about it and I like Tina Fey. and cool to see Carla in a movie, heh. I put it on in the background. eh, wasn't too entertained or impressed. don't get what the hubbub was about.
 19. I didn't know it as I was drawing them and they didn't have much expression the whole time I was drawing them but after they saw it and really liked it, they said they liked stuff that was different. yay. win win!

20. minimachris 
21. I've finally perfected the super bright shine look on a person's face that I've been searching for all these years
22. Zitman said I do some ugly background colors like this one. what?  I like these background colors! heh 
23. smile? eh? eh? no? c'mon? eh? eh. another demo. 

25. yeah, likeness is iffyish. oh well, trying things. her reaction to the sketch was pretty neutral, oddly enough. prolly the craziest sketch I've sold this season. well, there are still a few weekends left.
26. she originally asked to be petting a cat. I said, eh...I'm not as good drawing a cat, how about something else. she suggested a rabbit. hmm..rabbit, you say? sure!...sometimes things seem to oddly work out just nicely, heh...
27. not a particularly exaggerated one, but I like it. it's an odd layout for 3 people that i don't think I've done before...I don't even know how I decided on that layout. I don't even know what I'm doing half the time. or who I am or where I am. ha ha

29. demo. likeness on the left kid isn't as strong but I like the look of this sketch
31. I liked the lines of this one. the hair shine on the dark haired kid looks weird though.

I caught up on all the episodes I missed of last season's 30 rock. oh good stuff. I recommend!
32. totally needs more chin. I like the aggressivey lines though.
34. this is one where I was really excited and was going to go crazy nuts...and then it didn't really happen and I got bored and then decided I was done with it.

35. aww...look, they match! oh man, I totally missed the likeness on the girl, don't look at her. oh well. but I like the way the guy came out, just control your viewage to the left side of sketchy. thank you. ooh ooh! and you're WHALECOME!

36. man I draw too big sometimes!
37. demo. I like the left kid better.
 38. decow. I mean demooooo.
I'm more of a draw from inside features 1st then outside headshape. here's one where I drew outside shape 1st.
also. 59009.

39. my bright idea was to put their tshirt design in the background, eh. it didn't quite work out as whale this time.

40. I was on a "draw people in other people's face" kick for a bit. here's another. I liked how this one came out and the chin eyebrow connect thingy. they really liked it.

41. his chin going into her lip area prolly wasn't the smartest idea...but eh, I just wing things. especially chicken
42. hmm. should have put more face weight on the bottom half.

43. baby on the way. look, I put a heart on her belly. everyone now, awwww. 

44. I started with a wacky headshape line. I liked this sketch at the time, but looking at it afterwards, not so much.

45. another where I drew outside face shapes 1st. it does help force me to draw smaller which is good.

I went to KFC the other day, had me one of those mashed bowl thingies. it's been a lil while since I had that. mmm...chicken nugs, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy together. yay! then I had a heart attack and died. but it was whale worth it.

46. I watched the movie Pirahna 3d. it was fun. I heard it was suppose to be super gorey. it was pretty gorey...but not as much as I thought. fun enough movie, still took about 45 minutes to get to the good stuff though. I need more constant stupid violence when I watch a stupid violent movie, y'know? I heard they're a go for the sequel. I'd watch again.
47. demo. prolly could have given him more forehead....I saw his cheeks and just went for it 1st with a big loopy line and went from there.
48. hair. 
49. needed more chin on the girl. guy had a fun face.  nice cute couple.
50. I like the likeness of this one. like.
 51. this likeness I like too. I did it right after the one right before. they were friends. I also like dark chocloate, they should make dark chocolate nestle's crunch. surprised they haven't done that already.
52. could use more nose to mouth area.
53. folks from Europe. nice folks and had a nice chat with them, fellow caricaturist co-worker, Kim, also got into the chat too. not quite sure how much they liked it though, I didn't even push it that much. Kim was talking about tie dye stuff with them so I put that in the exercise mat. that's right, folks, I'm a master improv-er person thingy. ok. not really.
54. this guy was crazy looking! I just had to hustle him down to sit for a demo, and to my surprise he did! hah. It's always cool when you see a great face and you hope they get one or sit for a demo. and sometimes you just get too happy and excited that their face is a jackpot cause every feature is gold and you don't know where to begin...and then it turns out crappy. this one is sorta somewhere in the middle, I think the loopy lines all over are kinda distracting. *I just found out that my fellow caricature co-worker, Kim, yes, same Kim if you just read the caption on the one right above, used to go to church with this guy as a kid, huh. that's funny*

56. Z for "Zitman sucks" heh. lines here are kinda wonky. could have been better.

57. a lot of times when you meet people you immediately get a vibe from them- good or bad. as soon as this couple came up, I got a "oh, these are nice good people" vibe. which they were. when you work in a park you need to make decisions on whether you are going to do a fast "eh" one, which isn't necessarily a "bad" thing, it can still be a good solid fast sketch that the customer still likes, it's just nothing incredible or inspired/you don't put extra effort into it. So sometimes you decide to take your time and do something good. or in my case, sometimes, I'll just take my time and do it right even if it takes forever, heh. my co-workers can vouch for that..."forever" might still be an understatement, heh ;)

so anyhoo, I just decided that I was gonna do a good one (well, "good" meaning, I was going to try hard to make it good, whether it was or wasn't is debatable, heh) so I took my time and do a heart shape thingy that I've done only maybe 2 times before in the park. as I was chatting with them I found out that the guy is the cousin of one of our current caricature artist, Kim Martel. which was a cool coincidence that I decided to do a good one, heh. otherwise it'd suck if I hacked one out and they'd tell Kim how much her manager sucked.

I was pretty happy with it overall, not super exaggerated but thought it was fun and cute and silly with decent likeness. the heart thing didn't read as clear though.
60. I liked how the dude on the right came out. I feel like I got his vibe.
62. just a demo....lition.
63. a very interesting chatty dude. his name was Remy. cool name.
65. I liked the how the middle asian dude came out.
66. eh...prolly could have drawn more top head on the dude.
67. yeah, I couldn't tell either
68. y'know, I think I don't like green and purple together, I think I'm gonna nix that as a possible background combo. unless there's cheddar in the combos.
70. math.
 71. I did a charity gig for my good friend, Amanda Karpeuk. I colored everyone with one color. it was a fun experiment, think I'm gonna try that again in an upcoming wedding gig...
80. I did an after prom at Emmaus High school with my buddies Alex Clare, Matt Zitman, Vanessa Appleby and 2 other people. it was pretty fun. I drew 52 faces in 4 hours. I thought this one was silly, heh.

 81., that hair rendering was prolly a bad idea. the girl came out fun.
85. neck. y'know I'm kinda proud that I can draw a pretty long straight line in any direction, heh.

so there's some caricatures, not really sure how I feel about these sketches above, overall, I don't think they're as strong, I feel like I've been moving away from more graphicness with sharp angles and want to get back into that. I have a couple more weekends left to do that, heh. more from July coming up soon and a bunch of figure drawings coming up too! you can see some sneak peaks of newer park sketches and figure drawings on my facebook before I post them on my blog if you can't wait.