Friday, November 27, 2009

Life Drawing- Dr. Sketchy's Philly (SEPT 2009)

these are some more life drawing doodles I diddled at Dr. Sketchy's Philly a couple months ago. I went with my talento mofo friendsos , Matt Zitman and Ivy Boersma.

5 minute sketch. prolly my fav of the session.

5 min

10 minute sketch. really trying to force the depth.

5 min. the model WAS actually balancing a sword on her head for us to draw. pretty cool. the moderator of the session challenged everyone to include a woodland creature somewhere in the pic. that's why I included Mr. woodchuck, look how much fun he's having! weee! :) Then the models voted on which on they like most and Matt Zitman won! and got a cool prize.

20 min.

40 min, I think? there were 2 models posing, I decided to take both poses and sorta morph them in a weird way. the last 2 were longer posses but I tend to overdo it and I like the faster ones better, less overworked and forces me to get to the point more and make my statement.

these were each 2 min poses. I have fun doing these

this was a 5 minute pose, but the challenge was that everyone had to draw with their left hand (or non normal drawing hand) I thought it was a lot of fun. again, the models voted on which one they liked best and again, Zitman won! he was 3 for 3 that night!

to see more sketches from other people at this session including art monkey of the month winner, Matt Zitman's winning sketch click HERE!

I'm working on the last batch of park sketches from Dorney during the fall, there's some of my favs in that batch. will post them soon! also, some pics from November's ISCA caricature con I attended. I didn't really draw that well again and only drew a couple things but had such a great time.

random thoughts. movies--best movie I've seen in a while is 500 days of summer. a quirky anti-romantic comedy, clever and fun. in the vein of punchdrunk love or eternal sunshine, which are two of my favs.