Thursday, August 21, 2008

Caricatures: Eye don't know, Squirrel nut boy, Jackpot! Annie's wedding, April oldie (DEC.2007)

drawn during the month of December 2007 at Great wolf lodge, PA

this one and the next bunch were all from the same group. and it was good times. It's what I like to refer to as a jackpot! :) I had really limited lighting though where we were set up at the lodge, which makes for bad picture taking. booo...

his eyes were really like that. go ahead, take a closer look.

Around this time, I started going through a phase of trying to make my faces more 3-D. you'll see more of this stuff in the following months.

This was cool in that I had drawn this same girl 5 months prior (the 2nd pic) and she had come back and her parents wanted another drawing. It's rare but very cool to get to draw the same person again (well, besides co-worders, obviously, heh), hopefully the latest one being an improvement. The older one was a lot tamer, something that I am trying to avoid and still sometimes fall back into at times. It's not even a good tame one. more just a bland sketch. I like the newer one a bit better, but still see areas I'm holding back on.

the mom kept saying "you made him into a MONSTER!" heh. luckily the kid liked it.

I like my idea of having him shoving nuts in his mouth but the execution is kinda weak. weak tree too.

This was a reject...sorta. He wanted it really crazy but then I don't think this is what he expected. So he bought another one drawn by my co-worker. so it was a reject but not really cause he still kept/bought it.

My friend, Annie, got married and I did caricatures at her reception, here's a few from that event. mostly tame-ish stuff. It was a fun time though. everyone was really cool and nice. I was glad to be a tiny part of their special night which was also held on new year's eve. oh and they had yummy pastries. mmmmm.

oldie from April '07
I was looking at some old pics and realized that I had somehow missed posting a pic from April 2007 that I definitely should have posted since these were some of the coolest customers I've ever had! They were just really cool and appreciative. They even came back later and bought me a box of fudge! and the girl gave me some fuzzy dice that she won in the arcade. I still keep those fuzzy dice hanging in my apartment.

yummy! how cool are these nice folks?! A lot of times you have really bad, rude etc. etc. customers and then you get an awesome one and it really is nice and makes you feel good.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caricatures: Cody nose, Alex whacked out (DEC. 2007)

drawn during the month of December 2007 at Great wolf lodge, PA

here's another of co-worker, Cody.

another of co-worker, Alex.

January 2007 pics coming up soon! including stuff I drew at Cripple con.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Caricatures: Alex the nerd (Nov 2007)

Here's another one of co-worker and buddy, Alex. hee hee, he looks like a nerd candy. this one really cracks me up, I seem to always like when I go more minimalist, and yet, I don't do it as often. hmm.

Caricatures: Peanut butter jelly time- reject, elephanty, chef (NOV 2007)

these were drawn during the month of November 2007 at Great wolf lodge, PA.

demo. he wanted to be a chef. sometimes, I really try to push it and am excited about it and then I do it and can't really figure it out to push it and it just turns out kinda eh and off.


This was a REJECT. This kid wanted it really funny too. He paid for it, a couple minutes later, came back and wanted his money back. He said he didn't like the double chin or the dark around his eyes. I said I'd redraw it. This one could have been really cool, I gave him the idea that I could draw him as Brian on his shirt. I don't think it came out very good anyway, lost likeness too, so it wasn't a big deal...

so here's the redraw which I did super fast. he was cool with this version. I didn't like the 1st one that much, but I still thought that one was better than least I put a lot more effort into it, although this one probably has a better (tame/boring) likeness. I think I tried too hard on the 1st one and it got all whacked out. oh well, at least I still got the sale and he was happy.

The brother was being difficult and didn't want to get his picture taken which sucks cause I really liked how he came out.

I like this one but even I think it came out looking kinda evil. but the mom really liked it and bought a large frame along with it, which surprised me, but definitely a cool thing.


slow month, December has some better stuff. stay tuned!