Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 17- VannaHHHHH!!!!! (Dec.2006)

This is Vanna, a fellow caricaturist and who has a kick ass live sketch. She looks supa dupa creepy in this pic. I just peed myself. oh wait---no, that was a cat that peed on me. wait---ok, NOW that's my pee, ahhhhh.... anyway, making up stuff is fun. speaking of making up stuff and coffee (what? I know.)I drew a picture of Vanna, I was pretty pleased with it. It's funky. She's smiling all creepily and it changed the shape of her face so it prolly doesn't look as much like what I saw when I drew her sans the creeper smiler. so you're gonna have to trust me, or just stalk Vanna and find a more referential sound picture of what I'm talking about...of which I have no idea. so yeah, blueberries! yay!

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Piotr said...

u are surrounded by wonderful looking folks:P