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Park Caricatures 4 (end of Dorney Park Oct. 2006)

Here is the last batch of live sketches from my 1st stint doing live caricatures at Dorney Park. prolly from the 12th day of doing this. I think I pushed them a lil more with these and are my favs from Dorney. I still need a long way to go though...

this girl was real cool, she was down with me pushing it more. still more on the tame-ish side but overall I was more happy with it. looking at it now I screwed up the eye, I should have made it even more screwed up so it doesn't look so screwed up, heh. I know it might not make sense, but it is true, if you make it so "wrong" that it looks like you did it wrong on purpose than it will look "right." making "wrong art" look right is one of my favorite ideas and something that I like doing...

Here's video of me drawing this here! not really much to see but yeah, enjoy seeing me in action, heh. recorded by my good buddy and studiomate, Jason Baroody on his cell phone. He came to visit for the day along with his gal L-dizzle and our buds Peelan and his maiden JN-funk.

these girls were a lot of fun to draw too. they were hilarious to-- laughing, singing , making fun of each while I drew them. made for a great drawing atmosphere and all around good vibes which I really dig. they were also freaking out worried how I was drawing them because people were laughing at what I was drawing...myself included, heh. and they even said to go nuts, hee hee. If I remember, I think their mom said she was gonna use this picture as ammo to show to their future boyfriends, heh.

as for the picture, I liked it cause I pushed it more, but the layout is really off/bad tangents and some things look off but not in the right way, like I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I still don't have much experience drawing multiple people, still need to work on that. overall, I think the more exaggeration I did makes up for a lot of lil things that bugged me/things don't quite "flow" right as a design.

I was pretty happy with the girl. I like the contrast between the two too. the lil kid was ok. It could have had been better design flow. they did love the pic which is always cool.

hee hee, this one cracks me up. one of my favs. this one was one of those times where I was in the right mindframe of just going for it and knowing right away what I was going to do after seeing them. I liked how I did the eyes on the kid on the left. this picture has more of my style, me thinks.

it was funny, after I drew kid on the right, he saw it and his jaw dropped and was speechless then he kept saying "oh my gawd" and other similar shocked words stuff over and over, I wasn't quite sure if he liked it or not but it turned out he loved it. also funny was that both kids got up to watch me as I was coloring it and the kid on the right said "hey, I look like a hand giving the middle finger! cool!" and I soon as he said that I looked at it and thought, "oh yeah, you do....wait, ha ha ha, you look like a twig and berries" it was unintentional, I swear! I had a hard time trying not to laugh after I saw that. The kids couldn't wait to show their parents too, hee hee. although it bugged me that since they weren't siblings they were arguing who would get to display/keep the picture and had ideas of *gasp* cutting out their own caricatures so they could each have it. such blashemy! heh. whatever, I got my photo of it, they can do what theys pleezey.

btw, the black headgear on the small kid's head in the picture, the kid was wearing it when I was drawing him but then when I was drawing the other kid he went on a ride and lost it so that's why he's not wearing it in the photo.

this is of my co-worker at Dorney, Mike Gonzalez, aka GONZO. He's a cool dude. I watched him draw a caricature at Dorney with 28 people on one page! it was awesome, it took him about 3 hours. I think he might hold the new record in our company for most people. This caricature I did of him is more my normal crazy style. I like it. I did another of him a few weeks later that was pretty crazy colory. I'll post that soony.

This sketch is crap!

this is the 1st one I did of Brad Bailey, who is our caricature regional manager at Dorney Park and bad ass artist/all-around cool ass dude. He stopped by our park one night and it was really cold and rainy and slow so we drew each other. this was the 1st one I drew of him. this is what happens when my brain isn't working. it's not THAT bad, it works enough in that what I chose to exaggerate is right enough (sorta), but it's bad in that it's very tame and generic, with no "life" or charm or fun or interest or "me"'s weird, like my brain is working but not quite and it's not thinking in terms of what I SHOULD be thinking. It's just going thru the normal caricature theories when I should be pushing it and thinking out of the box. and I was really excited about drawing Brad too, because everyone knows that you can just go extra nuts when drawing your fellow caricaturists. I hate when I do pictures like this.

Brad drew me. check it out, I really dig it! to see it click--> ME1 by Brad.

after that crappy one I did, I had to do another one, so about 15 minutes after my crappy 1st one, I did the above, I was much happier with this one and really studied his face a bit more and thought about my game plan before I started and as I was drawing it. this still is one of my favs I've done.

after I did the second one, Brad wanted to do another one of me, click
HERE to see it! it's awesome!

after I saw the awesome 2nd one Brad did of me, I felt I had to up the ante and do a 3rd one, push it even more. I think this is one of the closest to my normal studio style. it's been a month and I've been doing more live caricatures and I still think this one is prolly the closest. I really should try to do more of this stuff in a live setting...

here's a caricture I did of myself during this time period, more on the tame side, I'll post another one I did more recently using these tool that's more crazy.
I've got more live caricatures coming up from Great Wolf Lodge which is where I'm working now doing caricatures. there's some really crazy ones...and also some crap lame tame ones as well, booo. but stay tuuuuned!

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Caricature- mouf, nose, and ears fam (Oct. 2006)

I'm a part of the NCN (National Caricaturists Network) and here's a caricature sketch of fellow NCN'er, Robert "Goofyfaces" and his family.
I've got a TON of sketches of fellow NCN'ers that I've finished- like over 70. I'll be posting them throughout the coming weeks. These overall are more crazier and more my "me" style.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Park Caricatures 3 (end of Oct 2006)

coming down to the last batches of sketches at Dorney park season 06 of my 1st stint doing live caricatures. these are prolly from my 10th day doing this.

I liked this one, still not super crazy but I thought it turned out nice enough.

this one was fun. another demo that he later came back and bought, which seems to happen to me kinda often.

this was done really fast and I was pretty pleased with it overall.

this guy was very thankful and said I made his day, even though the picture, it looks like he's sad, heh. I like what I exaggerated too bad I drew stuff off.

I screwed up the kid a bit. I was decently pleased with the mom. They were very playful to each other as I drew them, very sweet.

I know, I totally missed and didn't see that she had red eyes. I suck, I know.

this was a fun couple, it was their anniversary. I thought I captured them enough. btw, he requested to untint his glasses.

these two I did a couple weeks earlier as demos but then later on colored for fun (that's why colors don't match) and they happened to visit the park again to say hi, so I asked if they could pose with the sketches that I happened to have around. fun couple. I missed on the guy, would have done it totally different this time around.

she wanted it tame and nice...always interesting when people don't really get that a caricature is suppose to be fun and silly, but I did do it more tame.

she wanted it more tame as well. I think it came out looking decent for "tame"

this one took a while, the dad asked if I could put the kids in there in the last second, that's why they're so small. They also asked if I could do the "Incredibles" costumes after I already drew the capes, which they don't have. but it came out fun and they seem to really dig it, so that's cool. I goofed on the dad's arm. which wouldn't have looked goofed if I did everything more my own style...I should start just going for that more.

yeah, that guy's face was pretty much a caricature already. add on his huge hat and it was hip hip hooray fun drawing time! heh. I went way too tame on the girl and screwed up her mouth placement though.

a few more pics coming up, where I go the most exaggerated to end my 1st lil stint as a park caricaturist at Dorney park season.

for more pics from this batch that aren't posted on this blog visit my Ten Ton studios caricature thread HERE.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Park Caricatures 2 (mid Oct 2006)

demo I did of a girl I saw walking by our stand. I saw her and just had to draw her, hee hee. wish I got a picture of her. this cracks me up.

one of my favs. too bad the guy was a bit camera shy.

this one is weird. I pushed it more and yet looking at it still feels like it's missing that something something. I prolly made the eyes too big, also needs more craziness.

a demo that the kid bought. his friend couldn't stop laughing at the pic, I think he liked it more than the buyer, heh.

this one came out all right.

looking back, I could/should have pushed this way more but it was still a blast to draw. the kids all wanted to make faces as I drew them. awesome. the parents at the last second asked me if I could throw them in, that's why they're so small.

for more sketches from this batch that aren't posted on this blog click HERE!
many more pics coming soon!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Celebrity Caricatures- 2 (early 2006)

more sketches from early 2006

"Hyper Demented Turdle Showdown" post 1


My 95 page graphic novel: "HYPER DEMENTED TURDLE SHOWDOWN"

It's "Itchy & Scratchy meets Samurai Jack meets Family Guy meets Calvin & Hobbes meets Kill Bill meets Kung Pow meets Ren and Stimpy"

It reads more like a comic strip with a gags/or excessive violence/disturbingness every page that you don't necessarily have to read in order...but at the same time there's an underlying story and layered stuff that if you do read in order or read again carefully, it will hopefully be entertaining as well. Mostly it's a fun wild silly ride. give it a try...for the sake of the children! heh.

"Legend of Liquid Fury" post 1


Legend of Liquid Fury: will of the river- "Sci-fi/fantasy kung fu abstrACTION!/ philosophical pulp"

It's controlled insanity, an experimental kickass action graphic novel. written by co-creator and fellow studiomate, Kurt Christenson. We're putting the whole thing on our Ten Ton studios website HERE!
SYNOPSIS: Wulong, a young student of the lost kung fu style, LIQUID FURY, returns to his childhood home only to find it has been destroyed by the oppressive United Corp. and its superhuman assassins. Vowing revenge for the destruction of his home, Wulong sets out to find those responsible and make them pay...

Kurt and I have been working on this book for 4 years and it's been a labor of love for both of us. All 174 pages of the art are now finished (I finished it in Dec 2005). Kurt is currently lettering the book with our new font developed by Richard Starking's Comicraft based off of my handwriting.

here's a very cool quote from writer Joe Kelly after reading our preview book of Liquid Fury:

"Liquid Fury is a mind-bending blend of martial arts mythos and groundbreaking visual storytelling. The little Big Bang signaling a new direction in esthetic and sequential art. It is a remarkable freshman effort by Chris and Kurt, who have effectively thrown down the gauntlet to other creators with their ambitious vision."

-Joe Kelly (writer of: X-men, Steampunk, Superman, cartoon network's "Ben 10" (co-creator) and many more

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Drawing caricature sketches August 2006

Here's some caricature sketches I did of some people from a great art message board I frequent-- on August 2006. These are kinda tame, I've got a whole bunch of more recent sketches that push it more.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Park Caricatures 1 (Sept- early Oct 2006)

I started drawing live caricatures at Dorney Park in Sept '06. I'm still working out a lot of kinks--getting used to a lot of things I've never done before like drawing directly with a marker, using artstix, drawing much bigger, figuring out betters techniques/strategies with doing live caricatures etc. It really is much different than doing them in studio. I've tamed up my style a bit to play it safer since I know some folks might not like/get my more "me" crazy style... but I'm slowly trying to reintegrate my style back in as I get more comfortable/do more of them. I AM having a blast doing them so far! I love it! hmm...I sure do like using slash marks, huh? // :)

sketches below are from early Sept. 06 to early October 06

*for more pics from this time period that aren't posted on this blog and more commentary from me, click HERE (scroll down after you click)*

this one was fun

I pushed this one a lil more. The kid really dug it.

one of my favs so far at that point. demos that they all ended up buying. fun kids.

heh, the guy wanted to be on a horse looking unhappy. this one was fun to do. I suck at drawing horses though. check out his dinosaur head size. well, not the T-rex but the Brontosaur one. yeah

This one was fun to do, these girls were great. although the layout is crap, I don't have much experience drawing a group of people at this point. I need more of a game plan. I just winged it. These girls were laughing as they watched me draw each person, wish the other 2 were around to be in the photo. I hate putting words on the picture, cause my handwriting sucks, but they asked.

I like this one. my 1st sketch of a fellow yellow person too! woo! heh. I messed up the shine on the pupils though, uneven.

I like this one. I like doing parent/lil kid combo, fun to play off of the contrast.

one of my very early ones that actually came out decent

the rest are some demos I did at Dorney park of people, except 1st one is from the T.V. show "My name is earl" and 2nd is from the T.V. show "Desperate Housewives"

this is the stand where I work at Dorney Park

*for more pics from this time period and more commentary from me, click HERE (scroll down after you click)*
A TON of more pics coming soon! I just gotta resize the pics. You'll see some where I really let loose and go nuts, hee hee...