Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Caricatures: Lippage, nose lip, 1 color line down face, elevator face, egg eyes(JULY 2007)

sketches all from the month of JULY 2007 at Dorney park, Great Wolf Lodge- PA, and Six Flags Great Adventure, NJ.

I like this one a lot. I like the combo of using limited marker and openness. It works my brain more and it's always nice to not feel totally in control of a piece of artwork/not having too much of a definitive picture of what it will look like in my head and have it come together on the spot. sometimes it works, sometimes not so much but keeps things fresh and interesting. I'm trying to do more of this type of stuff now (which is about 10 months ahead from when I drew these caricatures in this post) I always think that if things look "too simple" the average customer might think they're not getting their monies worth, but I'm getting more confident with doing more of this stuff and hopefully hope to be doing more of this as my regular park sketch... even if I can sneak a few elements of it here and there just for my own kicks.

fun one.

I liked this one more back then. looking at it now, it's still fun, but lines could have been more aggressive and deliberate.

was happy with this one.

a co-worker commented it look like his face suddenly elevator dropped. missed on likeness a bit, would have done things differently now, but still a fun one.

missed on likeness a bit

a demo. wanted to try something, think missed on likeness

This was a reject which surprised me, she wanted it extra funny too and I think it was even a really tame for "extra funny."

I was still a little irked by the previous reject and decided to really go for it on this demo sketch. It's one of my favorite sketches. not sure I got likeness but I really liked the bold brown simple color stroke down his face- always wanted to do stuff like that.

this couple was great, they laughed and were very appreciative

didn't do anything too crazy and the hat is drawn weak but I just liked the fact that I got to draw a kid with that hat on, heh.

another reject, which surprised me. oh well.

demo that they later came back and bought. yay!

a demo. the guy seemed excited about getting drawn then when he saw it he was like "ohhhhh--I don't care for that, not at all, that's not what I expected at all" I wasn't sure if he didn't understand the concept of a caricature so I was trying to explain it to him, still wasn't sure if he got what a caricature was or just didn't care for what I did. I asked if I could take a picture and he was pretty against it but eventually turned around an obliged. This was one of the stronger negative reactions that I've gotten, which usually I don't get as often- as I pick and choose which ones to go crazier on based on my interaction with the customer.

demo. this lady wasn't happy at all with what I did, she said I need to practice more. her friends enjoyed my pic though. I liked it.

this guy didn't think it looked like him at all. I liked the floating mole I did.

was happy with likeness on this one. and the simplier coloring.

red eyed.

egg eyes

demo. trying different things. missed on likeness.

this is the 1st sketch I've ever drawn at Six Flags, NJ. working with my buddy and badass caricaturist, Matt Zitman (check out his blog in my links!) Since then I've been there a bunch of times helping out.

I like this one, nice contrast of the two and I liked her eyes.

co-worker, Cindy, in the background about to storm some cathedral over pancakes um. or something.

the mom of these kids said she didn't like it. I asked why and she couldn't give me a straight answer. I asked if she didn't think it looked like them, which I thought I had a pretty good likeness and she avoided the question. hmm, oh well, she still bought it AND a mat too. I liked it, especially the younger girl.

demo. missed on likeness, but was fun trying different things.

here's some more ok ones--

check out that photo of the girl with her hand on her face, heh. not sure what that's about but just funny looking.