Friday, October 20, 2006

1st post--intro art sampler (2002-2004 stuff)- superheroes and misc.

hey, so I finally gotten myself a bloggy thing. still figuring things out. but I hope to be posting a ton of artwork--caricatures (from theme park work and studio ones) comic book work, illustration, and fun ramblings from moi! yay!

to start things off here's some oldies but goodies I still like mostly circa 2002-2004. the ones with the crappy photo quality are some of the convention commission sketches I've done.

*NOTE*-- I'll be editing this post adding a few more pics as well as adding some commentary, so check back.

Futurama! glad the show is coming back! hurray!

2 facey face

I hid his name "Ben Grimm" in there...

this is one of my favs. I crack myself up, hee hee

I did this with good buddy and writer, Kurt Christenson.

wonder bread!

Usagi Yojimbo

another silly idea that still cracks me up.

character's from Disney's Treasure Planet

yay, seal

go, go, spongebob!

did this for kick ass artist Nate Bellegarde and Benito Cereno's character Hector Plasm

Rhino Con sketch. I like this one

Iron Giant Commission at a con

con sketch for Allan Gross and Jerry Carr's Crypto Zoo. a bunch of really great guys.

Modok con sketch

pages for a short story for Shannon Denton of Actionopolis

an old Black Adam Con sketch, I liked this one.

Ghost Rider Con sketch



another silly idea of mine, heh

hee hee

Indie Aire


piggy tail


hardy har harley


an illo for an article about video games for colorist, Chris Walker's magazine


not my best art, but I got an idea and wanted to draw it, hee hee.

did this for Star Wars artist, Jan Duursema

plasticman vs. the mask

darth mauled by a bear

me am HULK!

con commission. guy wanted any drunk superhero, this is what I did

Doom Patrol's Shyleen, Dexter and Ultimate Thor

Mike Oeming's Modi from Hammer of the Gods

hee hee, I really like this one. still cracks me up.

pages for my buddy and studiomate writer extraordinaire, Lelan Estes' "Anthologica" short. Which is an anthology from our studio that will be released soon...

more Estes' story

written by Kurt Christenson

OLD caricatures. most 2001, I chink.

more Lelan Estes story.

1st sketch that I did for Art Thibert that got me the Chrono Mechanics gig.

Pinup for Image Comic's NYC MECH

pg 2 of "cookies"

Pin-up for Mike Oeming's "Six" graphic novel from Image comics which came out a few years ago, and which just got picked up to be a tv show! hurray!

not very punny...sure it is


savage dragon and poison ivy

spidey and bats

fantastic 4


the 1st few below are newerish

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