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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caricatures: Cheeks! swirly eyes, shark boy, squirrel dude, toothy, Zitman's a poophead (OCT. 2007)

These were drawn at Dorney park, PA, Great Wolf Lodge, PA & Six Flags, NJ - during OCT. 2007

these folks were really cool.


I like the guy. fun face.

too much excitement here.

this was a demo. the kid's dad was watching me draw him, he was surprised and excited and said that his kid wouldn't understand it but he thought it was pretty cool and appreciated what I was doing.

I got this sale from drawing a wacky one of a co-worker (Michelle, see post right before this one) I like the line of the chin of the girl to the cheek.

I like this one. The lines are more flowy and open.

ooh, I prolly went too vicious on the woman.

I try to encourage people to be animals. shark, it is! and I'm fishing.

very blah caricatures/weak execution overall- they didn't want it too crazy. I just like the fact that I convinced them to be a squirrel and turtle.

he wanted me go nuts on him just like his brother, the one right above.

the woman seemed a bit shock/displeased? after I drew her but then seemed to be cool with it after she saw what I did to her husband. they ended up buying a frame too and said they were going to bring their kids to get me to do them next week. which never did happen though.

I like the woman, missed on the likeness of the dude.


han solo and Courtney in the background.

the girl was a bit hesitant about getting a caricature but then when she saw it, she was excited and proclaimed "it looks just like me!"

I don't like that stray ponytail I drew on the left side. bad design.

I did this at Six flags, NJ, where my buddy Matt Zitman draws/manages. For some reason, Matt really likes this drawing, I think he says it's the funniest caricature I've done? I did this one pretty fast. He likes the guy on the right. When I showed the finished caricature to the guest who wanted his two friends in the pic as caricatures, he asked if I could add a hat on the guy on the right. I said, sure! and that's what I did. heh. oh and Zitman's a poophead. just because, heh.

This one and the next are my versions of a "baby body" which Matt Zitman did a demo on the wall of. You can see Matt's demo in the background of the next pic. Also it was really windy that day and the paper flew up and my marker marked the right side of the paper by accident. It was a pretty big mark. I was freaking out for a bit. They were both behind my easel so they didn't see it. I decided to put part of her hair in front of her and that seemed to solve it. They bought a frame too. yay! and whew.

look, it's chua turtle toy.

lost likeness...but found nemo.

this one was fun.

November '07 sketches coming up soon!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Caricatures: Who nose? tiny turtle, pointy Alex etc.(OCT 2007)

These were drawn at Dorney park, PA & Great Wolf Lodge, PA - Oct. 2007

more co-workers. nothing really too too exciting.


another drawing of Michelle. this demo got me a sale. people were watching me doing this, liked it and decided they wanted their kids drawn.

...and another of Michelle, messing around trying things- not really too happy with either of these. I did a couple more of her a few months later that I like much better.

Another of Alex...

...and another.

Alex and Jess-pics of Jess

another of Courtney

another Matty. got carried away-lost likeness

rest of October 2007 sketches coming up in the next day or so, there's better stuff there.