Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Caricatures of fellow Kaman'ers @ Punderson's, Ohio (MARCH 2007)

A few months ago the company I work for, Kaman's art Shoppes, had a manager's meeting in Ohio. It was cool meeting and hanging with other Kamans manager's from California and more. During our downtime at night, we drew each other. here's some I drew.

Melissa Murphy from Six Flags, NJ. she's a cool cat and paints my face all scary like, heh. I really like this one too.

Gabe Hunt from Lego Land, CA. Gabe is one cool dude. good peeps, that Gabe. looking at it now, I think I missed on likeness. also check out the close-up, heh...

Trish Kaman. yup, that Kaman. the president of the compay I work for. I like this one. She said that mine is the craziest caricature she's gotten. cool beans.

Connie Ericson from Knotts Farm, CA. She's real cool. draws portraits but also does sweet abstract stuff. she also cuts beverage plassteec to save dolphins- rock on. not sure I got the likeness but I like the star incorporation- word to texas, yo. heh.

the elusive Loy Bouttamy from Six Flags, NJ (I stole his photo from Zitman's myspace, heh) Loy's a cool mellow dude. real smaht too.

crap, I forgot her name. She's from the west coast, really nice and cool. I like this one too.

Dave Cook from Hershey Park, PA. he's one passionate caricature dude.

Monday, September 24, 2007

GWL 38: Big hair, holy teeth, Batman! Tiny hat, Stewie slippers and more! (FEB 2006)

here's more from 7 months ago--

this is one of the earlier group shots of 4 that I've done that I was more pleased with. they loved it, the mom couldn't stop laughing. good times.

placement is off, but I thought this was fun

this is one of my favs.

I really like this one.

ugh. this one turned out tame. I was pretty disappointed, I decided to do another one right after, one where I didn't have any reservations and just did my thang....

this is what that looked like. I saw the nice couple the next day and gave it to them. I was much happier with this one.

check out that tiny hat, hee hee.

she wanted to have the same clothes on and standing in the picture. check out the Stewie (from Family guy) slippers.


one of my favs. I like when I get more graphicy.

I liked this one, except for the coloring. I thought I'd try a different technique and it came out looking eh.

I was really happy with this one. I like the coloring too.

It's always fun when the person wants to make a silly face for you to draw. I should have went more nuts with his face but still, it was a fun one.

this one was fun

eh. I missed on the likeness.

^here's a bunch of more tame/ok ones from FEB 06. lots more pics coming up!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My work from the NCN Mini-con convention Ohio! (FEB. 2007)

This past Februraruruary, I attended a National Caricature Network (NCN) caricature mini-convention in Ohio. It was a gathering of about 80 caricaturists from around the country to have an absolute blast drawing each other and having a grand time. It was so much fun. I got a chance to meet (and draw) some amazing artists that I've been fans of and who have been inspirational to me. I've learned a lot from looking at their art from afar/on the net and it's helped me, this being my 1st year being as a live caricature artist.

The style I use here is my more "me" style as opposed to my park/live sketch.

<--that's Jeremy and one of my favorite caricatures I've done. I put his face in his lips, heh.

That's Joe Bluhm and his work is awesome. check it out! I spelled out J-O-E in his face.

^ the ice/rock face/yellow background is of Aaron Philby, who I'm a huge fan of, check out his work! now!

The last one is Brian Oakes, another of my very
favoritist caricaturists! check out his stuff! It's awesome-riffic!!!

I tried something with his caricature, it's franken-Oakes, heh. His face is made up of other caricature artists, see below. I think I lost likeness with the overall of Brian as things got a bit busy...but I liked the idea behind it. I'll have to do a solo caricature of Brian sometime to do the likeness more justice. oh and the black is the suppose to be the squid ink from the "zitman squid/hair" heh.

from top left: it's Gabe Hunt and Matt Zitman as the hair, Sam Gorrie as the left side cheek, Brad Bailey as the nose, Beau Hufford as the right side cheek/also Sam's buttocks, George as more face, Joe Bluhm as the mouth, and Stacy Pierce as the chinny chin.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

GWL 37: GONZO 4, MARIAN 4 + Brothers- eye bulge, big chin, gummy gums (FEB. 2007)

here are the 4th times I've drawn both Marian and Gonzo. I like these ones.

these 3 brothers were fun to draw. I like the gums one, it's creepy.