Monday, June 04, 2007

Caricature of Nick Mitchell and Paul McCall (OCT. 2006)

more sketches I did 8 months ago.

GWL caricatures 35- EARtastic. no nose, wrestler dude beating up Gonzo (JAN. 2007)

I really like that 1st one. for the last one, I just drew threw in my friend and fellow caricaturist, Gonzo, getting beaten up, heh.

GWL caricatures 34- vicious eyebrow, no eye brows, big kazooey (JAN. 2007)

I like the kid with the sharp eyebrows, the lines are not bold/sure enough but overall, I liked the intent of the drawing overall.

GWL caricatures 33- Michelle 3! teeth-a-plenty!

this is my co-worker, Michelle, I think this is the 3rd or 4th caricature I've drawn of her. I lost some of the bulkage of her cheeks and such. but I thought it was fun and it's more of "me" style.

GWL caricatures 32- Super mouthy, Super lips, Super chin, Super ears (JAN. 2007)

The 1st one, I tried using a different marker as an accent (the thicker lines) eh. don't think I liked the way it came out. the rest of the pics, I was decently pleased with. still not pushing it THAT crazy though. more of that stuff coming up. oh and of course the 2nd one, the kid smiles with his teeth so you don't really see the big lips that I saw and drew.

GWL caricatures 31- Ron- cowboys, milliteeth, cheeky cheeks (JAN. 2007)

1st one is Ron, the night manager at Great Wolf, he's a super cool dude. he likes the Cowboys so I wrote "cow" and "boys" as his pupils. 2nd one is aight, I like the woman, not sure about likeness but it's pushing it more into weird crazyville, which I like and wish I could visit more on a more regular basis, heh.

GWL caricatures 30- Carey: MOUFAGE! (JAN. 2007)

this is my friend, Carey. She's cool, she also has super human strength and can move cars, heh... I did this a few months ago but I still really like it, it's still one of my favs.

GWL caricatures 29- cheeky brace, asian squinty, tongue ringy and more (JAN. 2007)

more stuff, these ones I was a bit more satisfied with. I liked the asian kid. his mom said in a half-jokeingly way that it was kind of scary looking, heehee. I also like the braces with the yellow background one. I liked that one weird cheek. doing that kind of stuff makes me happy. cake also makes me happy. mmm....cake. and I like the last one too. and bbq sauce.

GWL caricatures 28- Braces kid! and should've done...(JAN.2007)

I drew this kid, and I totally missed out on a great oppourtunity. He had such a great fun face. the below is what I should have done. I drew it right after I sold the above. I wish I saw him again, I would have given it to him.

GWL caricatures 27- crystal, jennifer and hair (JAN. 2007)

these were ok, pushing it a lil more, but lost likeneses on most of them, especially that last one. these people are cool. and they give me pizza, yay!

GWL caricatures 26- safer/tamish ones (JAN 2007)

hiya! been a lil while, been busy busy. I still got a massiveocity amount of live caricatures to post with everyday I'm taking more and more pics. to help speed things up, I think I'm gonna combine the more tamish ones into 1 file. The above ones are some of the ones I did in the month of Jan and which were more on the safe side, I didn't really go that nutsy mcnutster...
but more exaggerated ones coming up in the next few posts!