Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 yr anniversary! Evil Lauren , Erin eyes, Randi evil2, Erin cheek2, 1 eye cat, Mike Crawford sketch! (AUGUST 2007)

Well this post of sketches and the next post marks my 1 year anniversary as a live caricature artist, as I started at the end of August in 2006. again, technically, it's almost 2 years from today as a caricature artist, but I still have a few thousand sketches to go through and post, so these sketches are about 10 months old. I think my sketch has grown a lot. mostly, I think I feel more comfortable with the basics of everything- the tools, doing a solid saleable sketch etc. and getting my confidence up to draw more "me" which I'm still trying to do. I want to continue to experiment and push things even more. There's a LOT of things I want to try out. Lots of crazy ideas I've always had in mind but didn't feel as comfortable with. I still have just as much excitement and enthusiasm with every sketch, if not even more so, since I started.

Lauren, from Dorney. She's very sweet, don't mind my evil destruction of her face. look away! I did another one of her next month, crazy crazy, heh...

Erin, Kaman's manager of Hershey park, PA- which is the land of delicious...or should I say, deCHRISsious chocolate. eh? eh? nothing? ok. fine then. I like this one a lot, I like the eyes. you can see Mike Crawford in the background churning out another badass sketch. We had a drawing party at six flags, NJ after a work meeting.

Randi, from Six Flags, NJ. She's also sweet, I'm evil. it's unintentional, really! I like that line from hair to her chin/mouth. trying to do more of that stuff now.

Randi, again. I didn't think I got what I had in mind the 1st time. hmm...ok, so maybe I AM evil. heh. I still like this one a lot.

colin! cool dude from six flags.

nick from six flags.

erin from sesame place.

erin again. still not quite satisfied with likeness, did another one of her recently that I like better.

cat from six flags. she just started caricatures this year, show's a lot of promise. she also has a hat. that she lives in. or not...but probably. all cats live in hats. except for the ones I eat, y'know cause I'm asian and we eat cats. and dogs and sometimes rice. ok, we eat rice all the time. I'm eating rice right now. and doing calculus. and driving badly into a laundromat. and getting shorter by the second.

Bill from Six Flags. I don't know what that piece of skin on his mouth is either, heh.He's tall, so tall that once he ate a hot pocket. what does that have to do with his height? I don't know. stop badgering me. and stop unicorning me to. I like corn. and korn. and chocolate pretzels.

Kevin from six flags.

Sam from Dorney

dave from six flags

allie from six flags

an old tony one from Great wolf

and here's a caricature drawn by Mike Crawford, Dorney park manager. One of THE best sketches out there. It's a shame he doesn't take many pictures of his sketches. This customer couldn't decide on what she wanted and Mike goes "fighting Godzilla, it is then!" she didn't really argue. A bit later into the drawing, Mike goes, "ok, you don't really have to have that...but if you don't decide soon, it's going to be you fighting Godzilla." obviously, she didn't think of something else. watching Mike draw is awesome, he just goes at it, and comes up with these awesome poses and stuff without any hesitation. and yup, that's Mike in the background being silly, hee hee.

Sept 2007 sketches coming up!

Chicken woman, turtle body, spongebob muscles, girl?boy? (AUG 2007)

Caricatures drawn during the month of August 2007 at Great Wolf Lodge, PA, Dorney PArk, PA and Sesame Place, PA and Six Flags, NJ--

hee hee. this one and the next bunch were all from the same group and lots of fun. check out that egg....roll, heh.

my 1st bowler body. I felt like I could have gotten a better likeness, he had a fun face but something feels off...needs more chin. liz in the background!

The chaperone for him kept suggesting that he should get himself drawn as spongebob, he wanted to be a muscle man. I suggested combining the two...but I didn't want to make spongebob all muscley and thought it'd be more fun (ridiculous) if I just made the arms and legs jacked up, heh. wish I pushed the face more, it really isn't very exaggerated.

this is one of the chaperones. she couldn't decide what to get as a body and said I could do anything. Turtle it is! heh. my very 1st caricature of someone as a turtle, I've done more since. I like drawing people as animals so I usually try to convince people to get themselves as such. more animals and such coming in the coming month posts. anyhoo, not sure I really did it justice. I'm the purple turtle.

I like the eyes and mouth.

I missed on the brow/nose/eyes. corn flakes!


so-so likeness, I just liked the coloring.

this is what I call a jackpot face, heh. got too excited and missed the more space between mouth and nose. also, just noticed that I wrote CHUA in his hair, heh, I don't remember doing that.

I mostly like that contour line of the face that continues into her cheek.

kinda made her look creepy.

they were fun and laughed a lot at the sketch.

really tried to push and simplify on the girl, I like that fact but think I used the wrong shape. made the boy older too.

haven't really tried to focus on bodies yet but tried to push the depth more on this one.

I drew his daughter in the Starbucks cup he's holding.

hey look, in the background are two Matt Zitman sketches. the top Zitman one, I colored for fun.

hee hee, I like this one.

don't remember why I did that thing with her hair, I think I wanted to try to fill out that space compositionally. eh, looks weird.

I like this one, it's fun and cute.

1st Teenage mutant ninja turtle body I've drawn. this one I like too.

this one got me the next sketch which was of the cutest baby (see baby in floaty tube one in the collage of last pic in this post) they said they were looking at the different artists earlier and picky about the artists and liked what I did to this caricature so wanted me to draw their uber cute baby. hey, kinda funny, I thought.

demo. trying some stuff.

I really like this one.

lines a bit off and wobbley but I liked the exaggeration on it.

missed a bit.

I like the girl one.

not really pushed at all. just felt like going almost portraity for a change.

a nice one. cheeks don't match though.

she said just make sure she's smiling in the pic.

missed on likeness- needs closer eyes, bigger nose, but I like the coloring.

demo that was bought and with a big frame too, yay! drew it too far right though.

I like this one. lines could be more confident though.

I asked this guy if he wanted to get one as he was looking around the caricature stand. he said he likes caricatures but got one last year and wasn't happy with it. I told him that I'd draw him and if he didn't like it, he didn't have to buy it. he loved it and bought it. yay to satisfied customers.


she asked to be drawn as a turtle! ha! it's her favorite animal. I need to have a better turtle body though, kinda boring.

he dug it.

demo that was bought and then he and his girlfriend got... together.

think I missed on the hat kid. but a fun sketch.

so I asked the father of this kid, "so what would he like? a color face or a color body?" the father responded, "that's a she" ooooh, awkward.

more ok ones