Friday, March 23, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 18- Marian 3- 5head!, I read zine! (Dec. 2006)

here's the 4th drawing I've done of my co-worker, Marian. check past posts for the 1st 3. I try varying things up with each drawing of the same person. this time I went for her 5head.

eh, not too exaggerated, but think it looks like him


this guy sat down on my customer chair in front of my easel and started reading his magazine. He had a great face and so I asked if I could draw a demo of him and he said no thanks. I really wanted to draw his face and playfully complained outloud that I was bummed. He was pretty reluctant but then agreed once I said he didn't have to pose and could keep reading his wordy things. after I finished the caricature and showed it to him, he was really surprised and really dug it and was lots more chatty/happy afterward, so that was cool. yay for me. heh.

this is Felicia, she's a cool cat. This one was fun. I'd prolly exaggerate a lot more if I did it now.

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