Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 9- Snake dude, me!, Scrubs, asian trio (Dec. 2006)

this is one of the head directors at Great Wolf lodge. I like this one.

I like drawing my fellow asians. I like drawing tiny tiny eyes, it's fun, heh.

this was done for an employee of Great Wolf Lodge--it's her son. she asked me not to go as crazy, heh.

I like this one.

a demo that he bought. eh. too lop-sided, and not in the good way.

me by me! heh.

demo of the TV show, Scrubs. I love that show. this picture? eh, Turk isn't very Turk-y. get it? TURKey? ha ha, ok, lame.

Caricature- cheeky mc Emi liney (Oct. 2006)

I like the nose line/cheek area

Caricature- lil ears on melon (Nov. 2006)

prolly could have pushed this more

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 8- TaD 2!, tongue kid, etc. (Dec. 2006)

This is the 2nd caricature I drew of Tad, fellow caricaturist and all-around cool dude. I posted the 1st one earlier. I like this one. make sure to check out Tad's work, see links for his new blog he started up. good stuff!

this is the 3rd one I drew of Tad. eh. doesn't look like him. experimenting. I did like that line from the nose to around his face though

demo of the wife and kid of Steve Irwin--crocodile hunter

this kid posed with his tongue out. that was cool, it's rare that I get people making silly faces, too bad I messed up the tongue--didn't make it tongue colored enough. looks like his lip.

I thought this one came out ok

more caricatures coming up!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 7- Robin 1! Gah! Eye see! (Dec. 2006)

This is Robin. She's cool. She's also a caricaturist. She's very talented. I think I'll talk in spurts. yes, that is what I'll do. She can do a variety of styles. and very well, to boot. pretty impressive. Go check out her work. Link is in the links section on my page.
oh yeah, about the caricature. I kinda liked it but then I royally screwed up her hair and had to make it all black so it wouldn't be even poopier. I did draw another one of her that I liked much better, that's coming up soon.
oh and check out that reflection, heh...

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 6 (Dec. 2006)

I was decently pleased with this

this is Ron, the night director at Great Wolf Lodge. He's a really cool dude. This is a quick one while he had a moment to sit and pose. I did a better one recently.

this is the 1st skateboarder body I've ever drawn. need to work on them.

meh. didn't really push it much.

girl from that TV show "Grey's anatomy"-- Ellen Pompadoor or something.

comments/crits always welcomed.

Lots more pics coming up!

Caricatures- split head & crab (Oct. 2006)

comments/crits always welcomed!

Monday, January 15, 2007

GWL 5- Marian 2- crazee mouf, mucked up eyes! (Nov. 2006)

this is the 2nd one I did of my co-worker, Marian (scroll down to see 1st). I like this one. it's crazy and stuff. colors on this is kinda eh, still hadn't figured things out yet at that point. and no presketch/underdrawing, straight to marker. I did a 4th one of her recently that's swell too. coming up soon, as well as lots more pic-eroonies!

Caricatures- Greg Dohlen, Patrick Harrington etc (Oct. 2006)

A friend of mine and badass caricaturist, Mr. Aaaaaaron Philby (see links!) mentioned to me that the mouth area/separation was confusing on this one...which I can see. but in a way I kinda like it. anyone else have any thoughts? is it too confusing distracting? oh and what's your favorite color? answer me!

I like this one, it's very fun and makes me smile.

tons more of this stuff coming up!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 4- eye swirly and beard dude (Nov. 2006)

subpar coloring but I like this one

This was the 1st one's buddy that I drew right after. It was interesting that they had pretty much opposite chins- one was small, the other, big. I liked this one too but again, subpar-ish coloring...or maybe I'll just blame the flash from the camera washing out the colors, hah!

this one came out decent, wished I pushed it more...but it was still fun, he was an awesome guy to caricature. I had fun chatting with him and he had a good laugh when he saw it.

not sure it really looks like him, but I got a vibe and went for it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

GWL 3- Gonzo 2! wacky colors! (Nov. 2006)

here's the 2nd caricature I did of my co-worker/roommate, Gonzo (scroll down to Dorney sketches for the 1st). This was done in November 06 at Great Wolf Lodge. I was experimenting with colors, not so sure they were all that successful, but it's nice to vary things up. I did like how the top of his head comes back into frame, heh. Gonzo sure looks evil in this photo, heh. I drew a 3rd one of him in December that I like a lot. I'll post that too.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

GWL 2- Michelle 1 and Teef boy! (Nov. 2006)

think I lost some of the likeness but yeah...check out dem teef! heh.

this is my co-worker, Michelle, she brought in tasty cookies for us during the past holidays. I like my baked goods A LOT so therefore Michelle rocks. well, her teef were hurting and so she couldn't eat them anyway...but still, I get cookies and that's the bottom line. I really like this one I did, it's one of my favs, I did another one of her last week that was pretty cool too, made her look very evil though, heh.

more pics real soon, ya hear!

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 1 (early Nov. 2006)

Hiya folks! here's the start of my sketches from the indoor waterpark I'm working at now (Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos, PA).

these are from early November. lots and lots more coming up! and better crazy ones too, heh.

I like this one.

I thought this was a boy, but my co-worker insisted it was a lil girl, heh. whatever.

this is Tad, who came up for a couple weeks from a north carolina park to draw with us, too bad he didn't stay longer, he's a cool ass dude. he also drew a great sketch of me that I'll post. I drew a couple more versions of him later on that I'll post. I like this one, it's silly. too bad he didn't show his teef in the photo, heh.

this is my co-worker, Marian. I drew 2 more versions of her a few weeks later that I like a lot and another one the other day that me likey mucho. this one is ok. more the nice exaggerated version. the 2nd one I drew is one of my favs and is really retarded looking, in a good way, heh. actually, all the versions of her are pretty tarded looking and some of my favs, heh.

a demo that he bought. fun.

another demo that he bought and later wanted colored. loved that he made a face for me to draw.

colorfied! it's like magic!...just without the wow factor, uh, yeah.

a quickie. experimented with coloring technique a bit.

ok lame. this kid pretty much had the greatest face ever but the mom didn't want it all crazy silly and I still haven't quite figured out my real exaggerated but "cute" look yet. so they got a tame one.

eh. ok. kinda fun to put all the stuff in there. busy mom.

demo that he bought. coloring sucks. check out the frayed rip on top too, we had these lame metal rippers with no blade that I finally figured out how to rip so it's not all frayed and crappy.

I liked this one except for the hat, ugh. I suck.

I like this one too, prolly went too dark on the background though.

eh. tamish.

tons more coming soon! and better ones!

and for more from this batch visit my Ten Ton studio message board HERE!