Tuesday, May 12, 2009

caricature- Melissa eyebrown to nose swoopy! (APRIL 2009)

this is a fellow caricature artist who is just starting to do caricatures. I liked the swoopy lines of this one. I'm also trying to get back into doing more minimal linework stuff that I've dabbled with in the past.

still more live sketches coming soon!

caricatures- messing around (APRIL 2009)

here's a few past customers that I redrew for myself for fun and is closer to what I should have done.



3. I'm trying to go more in this direction with more minimal lines...


caricatures- Kutztown Univeristy gig + Shani! (APRIL 2009)

Here's some quick ones at a recent gig at Kutztown University in PA. I also drew with my friend John O'Connell--

1. I should have indicated his hair darker. actually, I should have done that for a bunch of them below...maybe in the future I should do some grays tones too.



4. I like that continuous line of her hair to around her face and his hair around his face.

5. eh.

6. I like this one except for the unecessessasesssaarry lines in her hoodie.

7. connect line of chin to other forehead. this one is happy...

8. ...this one they look sad, heh. but they were happy once they saw the sketch. hooray!

9. the guy on the left gave me a high five afterwards, heh.



12. I thought this one looked more like her, but looking at it with that picture I took, not so much...she is smiling in the pic though so that never helps when I drew her more neutral.

13. so this girl sits down, and I ask, "so, have you ever gotten a caricature done before?" and she goes, "yes, by Joe Bluhm" I was like-- wait, what?! because the fact that you know who Joe is is pretty impressive, unless you are a caricature artist than pretty much everyone knows Joe's work. and turns out she's a fellow caricature artist from the same company I work for, Kaman's Art Shoppes, at Hershey Park. also my buddy and co-worker, Alex Clare, worked with her for a month when he visited Hershey last year as well. so not only did Joe draw her, but Alex drew her and they both have seriously phenomenal sketches. so yeah, there's pressure, heh. anyhoo, I wanted to do a good one for her and it didn't end up as well as I hoped, I think I was caught off guard and was in "draw quick mode." plus, I never do just a black and white one for ones I want to do a good one for so it threw me off. anyhoo, hopefully I can do a good one for Shani sometime. that neck I drew is horrible, ugh...


15. last one of the gig, they had fun contrasting faces.

In general, I'm not a fan of doing just black and white caricatures, as I like to leave my lines open and do a lot more with color so I think it looks more obvious weird if I don't color it. So to make up for it, I change up my style and tend to add more lines/rendering than I normally would (which even still isn't much). I was actually relatively happy with the overall sketches and everyone seemed to enjoy what I was doing and having a good time so that's always good. I enjoy drawing the college crowd.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Dr Sketchy's Philly "Roller girls"- I'm an Art-Monkey!

My good buddies: Matt Zitman, Alex Clare and Stacy Pierce have been going to a very cool figure drawing session in Philly called Dr. Sketchy's where the models wear cool and extreme outfits every time. I decided to tag-along with them to a session last month (they have a session once a month every 3rd Friday). The one I attended had the Philly Roller girls as models. We got there about an hour late because of traffic but it was still a lot of fun. It's been a while since I've done figure drawing and I always enjoyed them.

At the end of the drawing session you can submit your best pieces and have a chance to be chosen as "art monkey of the month" I submitted the above piece, it was drawn from a 40 minute pose by the model. well, I just found out I'm an art monkey! woo hoo! or should I say ooh! ooh! ooh! y'know, like a monkey, heh. You can read all about it, see all the other entries and more HERE! There are actually 50 Dr. Sketchy branches all over the world so look into it, there might be one near you. here is a link to all the branches. I highly recommend going. thanks to Philly Dr. Sketchy director, Nicola Black, and everyone for putting on these great events!

oh and I've got some new live caricature pics coming up soon so check back!