Thursday, January 04, 2007

Shawshank Redemption commission + Raquel (Dec 2006)

I was commissioned me to do a caricature piece of the movie Shawshank Redemption for his dad for Christmas being that that is his dad's favorite movie. I never saw the movie (yes, I'm the last person on earth to not see it) but after I watched it I thought it was a fantastic movie! I didn't really know what kind of movie it was, I just knew it was some talky talky movie in a prison and that lots of peeps be saying it's a goodo movie-o. me grammar is awesome, I know! ;) It turned out to be a really great cool movie, the kinda I usually like.

anyhoo, he pretty much gave me free reign to do what I wanted, as long as Andy and Red were more the main points on the pic. I thought it'd be fun to add a bunch of the other characters. I didn't go as crazy with my style as I didn't know if his dad would like it, (he himself likes it though). so I played it more safe-ish. I was pretty happy with the layout/idea i came up with. having Andy manipulating all the bad guys and having the warden be the king with the cross since he was so bible happy. It's a lil hard to see but Bogs is in a wheelchair with sling, heh.
also, I thought it'd be fun to put his dad in there as a cameo, as well as him, to make it extra special.

I included this bonus quick sketch with the shawshank piece. it's the Raquel Welch poster from the movie. I thought it'd be a fun surprise if this pic was on top of the actual Shawshank pic when his dad opened it for Christmas, paralleling the poster from the movie of what's the surprise hidden behind it.

any comments, crits welcomed as always!