Monday, January 15, 2007

GWL 5- Marian 2- crazee mouf, mucked up eyes! (Nov. 2006)

this is the 2nd one I did of my co-worker, Marian (scroll down to see 1st). I like this one. it's crazy and stuff. colors on this is kinda eh, still hadn't figured things out yet at that point. and no presketch/underdrawing, straight to marker. I did a 4th one of her recently that's swell too. coming up soon, as well as lots more pic-eroonies!


Mac McRae said...

She is really pretty chris. It is not productive to hit the pretty ones with the analytic cubism. You should save that for the stuckup old heffers. Your blog is awesome though.

chris chUa! said...

thanks for checking out my stuff and for the nice words, man!

hmm...and were you being sarcastic about the "pretty comment?" I wasnt' sure. but if not, I don't think it's "right" to be "nice" to someone just because they're "pretty." wow, that's a lot of quote marks, heh. I feel doing that goes agaisnt what the artform of caricature is. but 1st of all, I guess I should say, she's a friend and fellow caricaturist and was cool with me going crazy (she did afterall pose holding the picture and I've drawn her again). In general I wouldn't go this crazy on a normal paying customer and I usually gauge each person to determine how "crazy" I go as I don't want to scar anyone emotionally/hurt their feelings. I consider myself a pretty nice and respectful person.

I NEVER caricature to be mean, I'm VERY objective and am very serious about the artform. Actually, if one is a prick/I do not like you, I will NOT draw you crazy/like this.

I immensely enjoy trying to push the features of a person as much as possible and in as unique a way as possible. Finding unique solutions of each individual's face is VERY fascinating to me. It's a puzzle to me.

Many consider Angelina Jolie to be beautiful, but I think it's safe to say that she has big ass lips. so should one not accentuate them because she is "pretty?" or put emphasis on them in a unique way that maybe hasn't been done before? Beauty, is after all, in the eye of the beholder. An "ugly" feature on one person is a beautiful feature as seen by another. plus caricature is also about capturing a vibe/a personality, maybe I wasn't as successfull...but when I see that picture, I feel that it's a part of Marian.

maybe I have a distored view on things (prolly, heh) but I feel like my interpretation of her wasn't malicious. sure, it may be scary looking, but I think it looks like her...but bottomline is, she likes it and she has it hanging in her room. so I feel good about it.

I feel that piece was a great learning experience for me. I actually will most likely be using that piece as one of the few caricatures I've done so far that I'll be proudly be displaying in my caricature porfolio.

I spend a LOT more time, care, thought and energy doing this kind of caricature.

sorry if I misunderstood your statement, but this is something that I've been thinking about lately, as I hope others do not feel that I am being mean. I absoluetly love and respect the artform that is caricature as well as all the models that I am caricaturing. I am only trying to constantly challenge and push myself.

hopefully my babble made some sense.

thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment, hope to have you coming back and commenting, it is greatly appreciated! I enjoy having these type of chats.

Steve Willhite said...

Next time you write a book you should illustrate it. :)

chris chUa! said...

ha ha ha :)

Nate said...

i wanna work ina park with you if you draw like that all the time

chris chUa! said...

nah, not like this all the time, haven't you seen all the pics of the later ones I've done since?! heh. I push them when I can/the person seems receptive to more exaggeration/I get the ok to go nuts from them.

but yeah, I still want to push the "tame ones" gotta improve on that. you seem pretty great at that.