Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge Caricatures 8- TaD 2!, tongue kid, etc. (Dec. 2006)

This is the 2nd caricature I drew of Tad, fellow caricaturist and all-around cool dude. I posted the 1st one earlier. I like this one. make sure to check out Tad's work, see links for his new blog he started up. good stuff!

this is the 3rd one I drew of Tad. eh. doesn't look like him. experimenting. I did like that line from the nose to around his face though

demo of the wife and kid of Steve Irwin--crocodile hunter

this kid posed with his tongue out. that was cool, it's rare that I get people making silly faces, too bad I messed up the tongue--didn't make it tongue colored enough. looks like his lip.

I thought this one came out ok

more caricatures coming up!

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