Monday, January 15, 2007

Caricatures- Greg Dohlen, Patrick Harrington etc (Oct. 2006)

A friend of mine and badass caricaturist, Mr. Aaaaaaron Philby (see links!) mentioned to me that the mouth area/separation was confusing on this one...which I can see. but in a way I kinda like it. anyone else have any thoughts? is it too confusing distracting? oh and what's your favorite color? answer me!

I like this one, it's very fun and makes me smile.

tons more of this stuff coming up!


Steve Willhite said...

I think they are all dead on and fantastic EXCEPT for the Aaron one. It's too distorted. Almost to the point where I want to say "Is it human?" No offence meant to him. You suck. :)

Like I said they are super good - some of your best. That one alone went too far out there.

chris chUa! said...

cool! thanks for the feedback, steve. ahh..ok, so yeah, I guess I did go to far like aaron said as well. glad you like these, I'm most proud of this kind of stuff.

Nate said...

i love the one with the chin