Monday, November 13, 2006

Ten Ton Studios Sketch Challenge art: 1-10

week 1 (Nov. 2005): Nova

week 2: Warblade

week 3: Thunderbird

week 4: Big Barda

week 5: Ladytron

every week our studio has a TEN TON STUDIOS sketch challenge contest where we draw a character, anyone votes (regardless if you enter or not, so join the forums and vote! it's free! you can be anonymous- it's a poll voting style...and if you don't I'll cry and punch a baby chipmunk, heh.)

The winner gets to keep the original artwork of whoever they want and then they pick the next week's challenge. It's just good fun, we have a smack talk thread where we talk trash that gets pretty silly and out of control at times, ok, all the time, heh. good stuff, check it out! actually don't just check it out, join the fun and bring your best trash talk.

week 6: Spiral

week 7: Homer Simpson

week 8: Domino (the lil dude is my studiomate, Scott St. Pierre, heh)

week 9: Sarigar

week 10 (Jan. 2006): Magik

more pics coming up!

click on below link to see everyone else's sketches, there's lots of AWESOME pics there, including ones from my studiomates: Reilly Brown (monthly penciller of Marvel's Cable and Deadpool) Khoi Pham (penciller of Marvel's "Spider-Man what if?" and many many more!-->TEN TON STUDIOS sketch challenge it's up to week 52, with this week being a special 1 year anniversary week--"spider-man" with the winner getting ALL the sketches.

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