Thursday, November 30, 2006

Park Caricatures 3 (end of Oct 2006)

coming down to the last batches of sketches at Dorney park season 06 of my 1st stint doing live caricatures. these are prolly from my 10th day doing this.

I liked this one, still not super crazy but I thought it turned out nice enough.

this one was fun. another demo that he later came back and bought, which seems to happen to me kinda often.

this was done really fast and I was pretty pleased with it overall.

this guy was very thankful and said I made his day, even though the picture, it looks like he's sad, heh. I like what I exaggerated too bad I drew stuff off.

I screwed up the kid a bit. I was decently pleased with the mom. They were very playful to each other as I drew them, very sweet.

I know, I totally missed and didn't see that she had red eyes. I suck, I know.

this was a fun couple, it was their anniversary. I thought I captured them enough. btw, he requested to untint his glasses.

these two I did a couple weeks earlier as demos but then later on colored for fun (that's why colors don't match) and they happened to visit the park again to say hi, so I asked if they could pose with the sketches that I happened to have around. fun couple. I missed on the guy, would have done it totally different this time around.

she wanted it tame and nice...always interesting when people don't really get that a caricature is suppose to be fun and silly, but I did do it more tame.

she wanted it more tame as well. I think it came out looking decent for "tame"

this one took a while, the dad asked if I could put the kids in there in the last second, that's why they're so small. They also asked if I could do the "Incredibles" costumes after I already drew the capes, which they don't have. but it came out fun and they seem to really dig it, so that's cool. I goofed on the dad's arm. which wouldn't have looked goofed if I did everything more my own style...I should start just going for that more.

yeah, that guy's face was pretty much a caricature already. add on his huge hat and it was hip hip hooray fun drawing time! heh. I went way too tame on the girl and screwed up her mouth placement though.

a few more pics coming up, where I go the most exaggerated to end my 1st lil stint as a park caricaturist at Dorney park season.

for more pics from this batch that aren't posted on this blog visit my Ten Ton studios caricature thread HERE.

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