Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Penn State University Camp Illustrations/T-shirt design/Logo

Here's some stuff I did last year for Penn State University. It was for a Nanontechnology workbook summer program for kids. I had to came up with all the concepts except for the 1st one, which was a collaboration for the idea.

for bigger pic-- http://www.tentonstudios.com/dump/chua/PennStateUniversity-windygirlJANfinaljpg1-25-05.jpg

^This was a logo for a nanotech camp bag. everything was done by hand, except for the very top and bottom letters, that was done by someone else. I was pretty proud of this--I liked the "S" microscope/"P" lion I came up with.

the design for their T-shirt.

Above ones are for the workbook on Nanotechnology and how that technology can improve things. I was giving the products and I came up with the ideas for the pics, except for the dvd vs. cd one where my friend, Amy (who wrote the book), came up with the main idea for the pic.

If anyone is wondering...starting with the mountain climber one, is adding nanotech to shoes to improve heat insulation, to tennis balls to keep air in longer, to kodak pictures to make pics clearer and stronger (my buddy, Kurt, and I make a cameo! heh), to clothes to fight bacteria, to glasses to keep from fogging and scratches, to pants to be water resistant (my favorite, heh), to dvds to hold more info, to car wax to make shinier/less streaking, and to skis to go faster.

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