Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Legend of Liquid Fury" post 1


Legend of Liquid Fury: will of the river- "Sci-fi/fantasy kung fu abstrACTION!/ philosophical pulp"

It's controlled insanity, an experimental kickass action graphic novel. written by co-creator and fellow studiomate, Kurt Christenson. We're putting the whole thing on our Ten Ton studios website HERE!
SYNOPSIS: Wulong, a young student of the lost kung fu style, LIQUID FURY, returns to his childhood home only to find it has been destroyed by the oppressive United Corp. and its superhuman assassins. Vowing revenge for the destruction of his home, Wulong sets out to find those responsible and make them pay...

Kurt and I have been working on this book for 4 years and it's been a labor of love for both of us. All 174 pages of the art are now finished (I finished it in Dec 2005). Kurt is currently lettering the book with our new font developed by Richard Starking's Comicraft based off of my handwriting.

here's a very cool quote from writer Joe Kelly after reading our preview book of Liquid Fury:

"Liquid Fury is a mind-bending blend of martial arts mythos and groundbreaking visual storytelling. The little Big Bang signaling a new direction in esthetic and sequential art. It is a remarkable freshman effort by Chris and Kurt, who have effectively thrown down the gauntlet to other creators with their ambitious vision."

-Joe Kelly (writer of: X-men, Steampunk, Superman, cartoon network's "Ben 10" (co-creator) and many more

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