Friday, November 10, 2006

"Chrono Mechanics #3, #4" by-- Art Thibert and me

*note* not sure why but the 1st 3 images you can't click on to see bigger. I double checked it and code seems fine/same as all the others. hm. not sure, I'll try to fix it. in the mean time, you can see them bigger in the link on the side bar for the Chrono @ Ten Ton thread.

This is the cover to "Chrono Mechanics #4: Bronze" I drew and colored it, except for the dude in the lower right, Thibert drew that but I colored it.

This is the ad version where we got some cool quotes from: Bill Wray, Stephen Silver!, Judd Winick and Doug Tennapel, but Doug's got cut from the final ad, not enough space booo :( I'm a big fan of Doug's work.

for bigger pic:

Here's the cover to Issue #3 drawn by Art Thibert.

Both books are out now from ALIAS comics, came out summer of this year.

I co-illustrated both issues with Marvel/DC comics inker extraordinarie, ART THIBERT, who many don't know is an awesome illustrator as well! He's currently a DC comics exclusive artist. In the past he's inked Ultimate X-men over Adam Kubert and other great artists like Bachalo, Jim Lee etc.

Of the 2 part/2 issue story of Chrono Mechanics. I pencilled, inked and colored about 30 of the 48 pages, we jammed on a few pages- each of us drawing parts of a page which was really cool too. All the pages here are drawn and colored by me.

It's a fun crazy ride "H.G. Wells meets Looney Toons" would be the quick descrip of it. It's written by Art Thibert, Rich Birdsall and Pamela Thibert. I think it's fuggin hilarious with a great clever story to boot.

here's a bunch of pages, all drawn and colored by me--

Click HERE! to see more art and for more info!

Click HERE for an interview with me talking about this book, some good silliness from me too, heh

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