Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Park Caricatures 2 (mid Oct 2006)

demo I did of a girl I saw walking by our stand. I saw her and just had to draw her, hee hee. wish I got a picture of her. this cracks me up.

one of my favs. too bad the guy was a bit camera shy.

this one is weird. I pushed it more and yet looking at it still feels like it's missing that something something. I prolly made the eyes too big, also needs more craziness.

a demo that the kid bought. his friend couldn't stop laughing at the pic, I think he liked it more than the buyer, heh.

this one came out all right.

looking back, I could/should have pushed this way more but it was still a blast to draw. the kids all wanted to make faces as I drew them. awesome. the parents at the last second asked me if I could throw them in, that's why they're so small.

for more sketches from this batch that aren't posted on this blog click HERE!
many more pics coming soon!

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