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Caricatures: spikey beard, swirly eye, Cripple con! (JAN. 2008)

drawn during the month of JANUARY 2008 at Great wolf lodge, PA

Not too many live pics in the month of January, the non-holiday and non-summer months are usually slower...although I'm also realizing I'm getting more picky with the ones I'm posting, as this stuff is 9 months ago/ older stuff and I feel I'm seeing things very differently now, so a lot of ones that I thought were good/decent 9 months ago are now bland and even more so full of wrongness. So I'm being choosier and not posting a majority of the pictures I take as I go thru them. There's still a few here and there that I like and post for various reasons. I think I start to hit my groove and direction around May 2008, especially when the busy summer months arrived again....then towards the end of the season (now) I'm sorta in a funk and have been really iffy and need to regroup and figure out what I want and how I want to solve a face, as I feel it is missing something. anyhoo, on with the pics!

I like this one. I like how the dude's spikey beard came out.

this one and next 2 were siblings. really trying the pushing 3-d thang.

lost likeness, pushed it too much wrongily. that's wright, eye sed- wrongily.

I like the swirly eyes. Michelle in the background, I drew her in that hat which you can see in the above post.

Below are some caricatures I did at Cripple con which is an amazing art party convention that is all sorts of fun. Amazing artists like Joe Bluhm, Brian Oakes and more attended. But anyone can go, it's just a get together of artists or anyone that appreciates art or just having a grand ol time. There's going to be another one this coming January. I'm going to try to make it again. click here for more info and registration--> Cripple Con 2!

Eric Brown. It's funny, I met Eric at Cripple Con 9 months ago and the very next time I saw him was last week at Put-in Bay, our yearly company (Kaman's art shoppes) party in Ohio. and when I saw him last week, he said that it was only last week that he realized that I had draw him pooping in the picture, Brown makes some brown! heh. actually it was his girlfriend that pointed it out, heh. Eric's good people and a cool dude.

Brian Morante. a really good cartoonist. good stuff, check out his stuff in my links. I went too nuts and lost likeness but I like the ideas and intent. I've done some live work since of people of almost all shapes like this.

Nolan Harris. one of the coolest people I know. hilarious, talented, all-around good dude. This was a quick one, not particularly too crazy or interesting. I'll have to do a good one of him one day. he does have hairy cheeks in this picture for some reason. hmm...

Sarah. She's very cool and chill. this one turned out kinda ho-hum though. I met Sarah for the 1st time at Cripple con and it turns out our new manager this past year at Dorney park this year (where I'm the assistant manager) is her roommate, Becky.

Bob East aka Beast- one of my roomies at Cripple Con. all around good dude.

Daryl- my other roomie at Cripple con. one of the most happy high energy positive people I've met. I liked how this one came out. me like shapes.

Ben Bloss. cool talented artist/musician.

Abel. I really tried pushing it in this one. again, lost likeness, but I like the look of it. and the falling brain was just a sudden silly inspiration for no real reason.

Len and his wife Barb. Len is the mastermind behind all that is Cripple con. I was pretty happy with how this came out. I think it's sweet and I like the contrast between the two.

Jeremy Stock. Joe Bluhm did an awesome one of Jeremy (see below) at the con in which he drew Jeremy's face bleeding. I thought it'd be funny as a response to have Jeremy getting revenge on Joe, heh.

Jeremy by Joe Bluhm!

hey look, it's me! a bunch of us went to eat dinner at a BBQ place, which was de-chris-ous! yeah, I said it!

Robin has spotted me!

We ended up all having some fun drawing the waitresses and workers there. Nolan Harris, Marlo Meekins, Robin Schwartzman, Sam Gorrie, Brian Oakes, Eric Smith, Jamie Rockwell, Jeremy Stock and myself all drew. It's always fun to see how different people draw the same person.

So since I finally have a bit more free time since the theme park I work at is only open weekends. I'm hoping to catch up with all the caricature pics I have that need going thru and posted. only 8 months worth of caricatures to go! which is a few thousand pics, heh. But I'm going to try and update this blog once or twice a week, so check back! I can't wait to post some of my more recent stuff, I like that stuff more.

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