Monday, September 08, 2008

Caricatures: Aaron Philby, Nate Kaps, Sam Gorrie, Marlo Meekins and more (OCT. 2006)

here's a bunch more old October/ November 2006 caricature sketches of some fellow caricaturists. A lot of them I'd do differently now, but still fun to see how I handled them back then.

Aaron Philby. one of my favorite caricature artists. I like how his ear doubles as the mouse's ear. mousey eats cheese.
"Mona Lisa" I like the concept here, heh.
Marlon Huynh. eh, eyes are pretty off. actually, most of this one is a failure.
Gabe Hunt. Mr. 9ine
"art ninja"
Nate Kapnicky. another of my favorite caricature artists. he really jacks people's faces up. I like the lip over face idea. poop eater!? you're sick, chris chua!
Marlo Meekins. eh- not liking it too much now. Marlo's art is crazy and awesome.
Mike Giblin- does REALLY great cartoony fun caricatures with great likenesses.
Steve Hearn
Niall O Loughlin
Nelson Santos


MICHEL said...

Great old stuff here! It´ funny to see all these colleague.
I have to admit that Marlo was impressive in that pic!!

chris chUa! said...

thanks, michel!