Friday, September 19, 2008

Caricatures: Erica! (FAVS!) Michelle, Liz, Jess (MARCH 2008)

drawn during the month of MARCH 2008 at Great wolf lodge, PA

This is my dear super friend, Erica. This is also prolly one of my all-time favorite sketches which is good because when someone is very dear to you, there's always added personal pressure to do something extra nicerific. That's prolly why one of the reasons I put off drawing her for a while. It's also funny in that the 1st time Erica, who works at Great Wolf as a massage therapist or as I like to call them, Dr. MaSeuss' (heh), she saw me/her 1st impression of me, was when I was drawing a caricature of a kid where I made his teeth super big and funny and she thought I was evil and told her co-workers to go see what horriblieness I was doing, ha ha. Anyhoo, I haven't really done anything similar to this since. I prolly should try more of this type of stuff. not really super exaggerated but simple, elegant and designy. oh and I also like the heart shine in her lips. She has a thing for hearts. She didn't notice it until way later though which is cool. I like putting hidden stuff in pictures and then later on you realize it and then it's an extra bonus surprise, like a little happy time bomb....I also like to plan long term pranks too, so watch out! ;P

another Michelle. prolly my favorite drawing of Michelle I've done. I like how her mouth came out.

another Liz, who I've drawn a whole bunch of times and have never been satisfied. I think this one might actually be the closest one that looks like her, even without her nose.

another Jess. I like the lines.


TURCIOS. said...

excelentes caricaturas!!un abrazo

Mr. Urzua said...

i like all of these, especaily the girl with the glasses

chris chUa! said...

turcios- thanks you! I'm a big fan of your work!

andy- thanks!