Saturday, December 06, 2008

Caricatures- Katie Lip, Kim eyes, Ian creepy, Sebastian, Kelly (SEPT 08)

drawn during the month of SEPTEMBER 2008 at Dorney Park, PA

1. This is Katie Stahl, a first year caricature artist who started out in body art and then transferred over to caricatures. she's super talented and caught on to it pretty quickly, like scary quickly...a lot quicker than when I started out. If she keeps up with the pace of her artistic growth, she's going to be turning out some seriously sweet sketches. I'm kinda ify about this sketch of her, I like the idea behind it but it's just off, some of the curves aren't quite curved right (the middle lip line one) and that bugs me a lot as usual. and the whole thing doesn't scream as crazy as I should have went. It's just not up to par to what I know I can and should be doing-definitely a let down--still in that artistic funk. I think she expected me to really do a really crazy one and I let her down, which always sucks. going to have to do a real crazy one of her next season.

2. this is Kim Martel, another 1st year caricature artist, who, like Katie, is a body artist that switched over to caricatures. and like Katie, is really talented, and picked it up uber quickly. this one came out all right but it's a bit too sporadic, and not in a good way, needs more focus. has some decent flowly lines but it's just not that crazy. I think she was expecting something crazier as well too and was let down.

3. another Ian. this one is pretty vicious looking--even I'm going, yeah....that's kind creepy, heh. going in the right direction but again, needs more cohesion and a consistent structure or more inconsistently consistent.

I did this at Putin Bay, OH, where our annual get together party is with other people from the company I work for. This is Sebastian, a cool fellow Kamans'er I met there. it was really dark, bad picture. I spent a decent amount of time on this and eh, it really isn't too crazy either.

This is Kelly, another fellow caricature artist and cool chap from the Putin Bay party. I actually like this one okay. feels more of the essence of the person. I think I had a clearer idea of the vibe I wanted early on. I like the hat connect line to his nose.

I feel that I have all the pieces in my head and it's just a matter of sifting thru and figuring out which ones to use and/or which ones to focus on more, and then I think I'll be closer to where I want to be or at least be on the right track. otherwise most everything this month and next lack a clear vision. they look more like 8 visions that are in a royal rumble and no one is the clear winner yet. October sketches coming up very very soon. there's only a few sketches as the season winded down.

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