Saturday, December 06, 2008

Caricature- 24 Person Commission! (NOV 2007)

Here's a commission I did last year, NOVEMBER 2007, for the spa at Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos.
I didn't go too crazy and I'd exaggerate some features differently now that I have more experience but overall, I was happy with it. This is by far the most amount of people I've drawn in a caricature, I think the previous most might have been around 10. I had fun doing it and thought for kinda winging the placement of everyone, it came out decent. oh and only 1 person was offended, heh. and it's one of the ones I didn't go as exaggerated on too! funny how people react.

Well, I'll be going to Busch Gardens, Florida, to draw caricatures for a little while with super talented, Sean Gardner and gang. Hopefully, I'll do some crazy and better work so I'll have some new park sketches to post here. I've been doing a LOT of sketching and figuring things out recently and I think I figured some stuff out and am anxious to test it out in a park setting. so see ya in a bit! oh and I'll post the subpar work I did at last month's NCN convention when I get back.


justfrancesca said...

cool stuff! I like how you squeezed everyone on there! How big was the paper you did it on?

William Appledorn said...

wowzers. i think my head would have exploded if i tried this. i'm impressed whith the amount of individual detail each one has, given how many there are.

chris chUa! said...

fran- thanks! I drew it on 8.5 x 11 paper.

william- thanks, dude!