Saturday, December 06, 2008

Caricature- Super connect line, Jafar-ish, mermaid man (OCT 2008)

drawn during the month of OCTOBER 2008 at Six Flags, NJ & Dorney Park, PA

nothing too too crazy this month. better than last month, at least did some passable stuff to end the season ok, but still in a funk.

1. the swirl connect line from her eye to her teeth to his eyes and back to her eyebrows might be my most extreme connect line. I was pretty happy with that. but think I lost likeness on the guy who had more aggressive features and dont' think I got that across as much and didn't exaggerate as much as I could have either- he needed more chin and more neck mass.

2. their friends watching me draw her said the girl on the right looked like Jafar from Aladdin. I could see that. I liked her teeth. she didn't like the sketch. girl on the left side did or liked her version of herself at least.

3. colossal choke, ugh. this is one of those times where the family wanted something really silly and were all about the funny. they even said to make it really funny, they requested him as a mermaid. so I pretty much could go as nuts as I wanted, he had an awesome face to got nuts on and I was drawing him as a mermaid. those kind of planet-aligning situations don't come across too often. I really wanted it to be good and tried hard but was just drawing a blank and didn't have a clear game plan and just winged it. Don't think it's THAT bad, and is kinda funny, but the likeness is off, totally chose the wrong things to exaggerate, the whole sketch is just unbalanced and unpolished. they liked it and bought a big frame, so at least it wasn't a total loss.

4. I like this one enough, the layout is a bit different, I like the connect line down from her right side head shawl to his right side face. and that her chin doubles as his eye.

5. was trying really hard and just came out kinda blah. there's elements of it that has potential but there's just no clear cohesion to the lines.

6. one of the few that I thought was all right. not too crazy but tried to go for a simplicity elegance thingy. the bottom of the hair is too undefined.

7. girl on the right said, "it looks nothing like me" *sigh...* connect line from her hair to her mouth.

8. I kinda like this one, but man, it came out looking pretty vicious, which wasn't my intention. she liked it, so it's cool. my co-worker was drawing a woman next to me and when I finished this sketch and showed it to the girl, the woman getting drawn by my co-worker got a glimpse of it and was like "awwww, that's so cute!" and then oddly enough, my co-worker got a reject from that same woman and I had to redraw it. and the one she drew of her was way more tame than what I drew of the little girl. but I did just hack out a tame one for the redraw.

9. I really tried to push it and just came out kinda eh and lost likeness and looks older too. I was kinda surprised the kid liked it.

10. kid said it didn't look like him. man, I don't know what it was, but I've had a bunch of people during this time say that. at least his friends disagreed and said it did look like, prolly should have given him more sad/distant eyes.

11. the girl came out weak, wonky and tame. guy is ok. I just like the turtle I threw in, grrowl! heh. oh and the shark bite mark idea my friend, Vanessa, suggested to me. not on this particular one, but another one I was working on.

12. as I was drawing this her friend asked if I could draw a baseball hat on her, I was like, "sure!" chris chua draws THE best hats in the biz! heh.

13. she said, "look, your eyebrow is attacking me" heh. they had a good laugh and were cool. I'm just glad people aren't too turned off by my connect lines that prolly only amuse me. hmm...y'know, I don't think anyone has ever asked me what's up with the connect line thingy or thought it was too weird.

14. the guy was like "you made me look like a whale!" hmm, that kinda confused me...I guess I can sorta see the whale? I like how the woman came out and the connect line of her nose to his chin.

15. this was a nice couple. his mouth to her eyebrow connect line. his shirt line that flows into her really bugs me, just looks wobbely. hmm...just noticed that one line in the guy's teeth was suppose to imply connect to her cheek, that's kinda a stretch and weird, wonder what I was trying to go for at the time. even I don't know what I'm doing half the time! hah.

16. this was a really nice couple. she wanted to be a mermaid and I suggested him fishing her. 1st time doing one of these. I'm sure it's been done before. I wanted that connect line from her chin to the fishing pole but made it too vague. could have pushed this one more, both had fun faces.

17. box.

18. that connect line really bugs me that it's slightly uneven. grrr, I say, grr!


and so ends the season.


Aaron said...

I feel your pain on collasal choke. yay for mermaids though. There's so much exciting stuff in this post, so much inventivness and experimation. that's what i really enjoy about your blog. i know when i come here i'll see an artist being an artist. my faves are 18, the guy on 15, 14, 13, the guy on 11, 9, 4, 2, and 1.

justfrancesca said...

These are great, man! I think you beat yourself up a little TOO much.
My favorite is that guy who has the upside-down triangle face and the slightly off connect-a-line.

chris chUa! said...

aaron- thanks, buddy! thanks for pointing out which ones you like, I enjoy that!

fran- thanks! yeah, I guess I'm really hard on myself, but I like it. I want to keep challenging myself and to never plateau, and so hopefully people don't get bored looking at my stuff as well. I was happy with that triangle dude too. cool! working on posting the caricatures I did at Busch Gardens, Florida this past month.