Thursday, March 27, 2008

Caricatures- super smile, vibrating eyes, grills, upside down, tongue, 10 second caricatures (MAY 2007)

more caricatures I drew 11 months ago, some drawn at Great Wolf Lodge, PA, some at Dorney Park, PA. During this time, I started to mess around and simplify my art more, less of super clean coloring that takes forever.

wish I got a better picture of her. she was pretty shocked when she saw her caricature, heh. this one was fun.

this guy was pretty excited about getting a caricature drawn so I thought I'd take a little more time on it. I need to draw smaller! and looking at it now, I should have made the mouth higher.

I was relatively peachy pleased with this one.

this was a quick demo that the kid ended up buying. great face, also he had these cool and unusual eyeballs that vibrated back and forth, I tried to show that in the drawing but don't think it came across to clear.

should have made more forehead, and more chin, but overall it was a fun one to do.

I like the line of the mouth to the cheek.

these girls were fun and fun to draw. great contrasting faces.

I liked the way the lines came out on this one. needs more nose.

I was happy with how this one turned out and the layout.

lines kinda sloppy but a fun one.

this is a friend of a co-worker. as I was drawing this--starting with the nose then drawing the eyes... a dad was watching with his little kid, offering explanatory commentary to his kid on what I was doing. dad to son--- " look at this one...he's drawing a face upside down" hee hee, must have been cause all I had drawn were the eyes which were under the nose, heh.

eh. all right. lines kinda wobbly in a bad way.

needs more forehead.

I think I missed on the eyes a bit, but overall, it was a nice one.

*for the next two black and white caricatures these 2 girls came up and asked if we could do a caricature for a dollar. Half jokingly, I said I'd do a 10 second caricature for 25 cents. they agreed, heh. I like doing these kind of quick ones with lots of open lines and not lifting up. actually, these prolly took me less than 10 seconds.

10 second caricature

10 second caricature

here's a bunch more--ones that are ok/decent, some I like the style or are funny but missed on likenesses etc.

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