Monday, March 03, 2008

Caricatures- Soccer teeth girl, braces-a-rama and tons more! (APRIL 2007)

hey look! I'm updating my blog! hurray! heh. still older stuff I did last year, but some stuff I still think were all right and fun. Here's a bunch of stuff I did during the month of April in 2007--

hee hee

I like this one.

I like the bold simple shapes of this one. trying to do more of this stuff now.

this kid was lots of fun and into the drawing.

I started drawing this little girl and her mom left for a bit while I was working on it, when she came back and saw the nearly finished sketch, she said to her kid half angrily over and over "aww...why did you have to smile with your teeth?!?" hee hee. I had lots of fun with this one.

I liked the eyes.

I went crazier on this one. below one is the same girls.

these are the individual tamer ones of the 2 girls right above this one.

missed on the likeness, but I liked the look and feel of it.

there was a period of time where once in a while, I'd really tame it up and try for a more almost portrait-y caricature for practice.

I could have used more hair/forehead. It took me a long while to figure out that I had a habit of not putting enough forehead on younger kids. so a good chunk of my 1st year caricatures look older.

I like the expression on this one, think I got the kid's smirk. tried out a swirly black background- eh, don't think it worked out too well.

This kid specifically wanted me to draw him, and at the time there was a line of people waiting for me to draw them. He waited for about an hour until I was able to get to him. He seemed to like the results, so I'm glad. It's always flattering when someone likes your art and will wait for you. It's always great when they want me to do my more exaggerated ones too cause I jump back and forth with my degree of exaggeration. I also jump rope, in just-kidding land. Looking back, I don't think this one is really too crazy and could have really pushed it more. but it's fun and I still like it. If I remembered, he said he wanted to be a comedian.

this one was lots of fun as I've never drawn someone with a lollipop in their mouth. again, I should have really pushed the foreheard more. I should have really pushed on the door instead of pulled...would have saved me the 5 hours standing outside a door in the freezing cold, angry that they locked the bathroom door...although the lump of coal I made in my 'roos did warm me up...and keep me from getting hungry. wait, what?

I like the expression on this one, too bad I drew it too high. also, too bad that hamburgers can't talk so that I can say, "hey, you taste good!" and it can say "dude, stop eating me, it's painful" and I could say "your tears taste so delicious!"

awww...I drew the stuffed dog she's holding. awww...I made her look older. awww...I suck.

she didn't think it looked like her...I thought it did enough, and her friends did. she still liked it. I like chocolate chunk cookies. I've been eating them like crazy the past few days. I bought 2 lbs worth at a grocery store and they rang them up wrong so I got them for free. jesus loves me.

and here's a bunch more- mostly more tame-ish/ok/decent ones


Aaron said...

I love the one of Keelan, and the one you did in the new bunch where you say, I like this one is so cool, and looking at it, Im thinking, as crazy as it is, I think it's really sellable and fun also.

chris chUa! said...

thanks, aaron! yeah, I like that one and one of the few I did during that time period where I really went for it, at least in that mindset, still think I could have pushed it lots more now. and maybe not just exaggeration, but stylistically...that's what I'm trying to do now...

also, post more caricatures, dude! you're killing me here with the lack of updates!