Monday, March 03, 2008

Caricatures- Marian 5 icecream bluey & Giselle (APRIL 2007)

more old stuff I did last year--

here's another of co-worker Marian, tried something different, missed on the likeness. should have made her forehead more back further than tall, and eyes further apart and smaller eyes and not suck as much. I do like the hair and the cartoonyness of it overall. oh yeah, and that's she's blue. she was eating an icecream cone earlier--probably birfday cake flava which is exponentially different than birthday cake flavor. how so, you ask? oh, you didn't ask. my sheep, I mean baahhhhd.

this is of Giselle, who works in the Spa at the resort where I work doing caricatures. I think I missed on the likeness as well. I like the swirly line for the nose.

more caricatures from May 2007 coming soon!


Dan said...

I really like this style, unique, yet you still manage to capture likeness.
I wish there was a Kaman's stand at a park near me.

chris chUa! said...

thanks, dan! I think I could still improve likeness, especially looking back at these older ones.