Tuesday, November 23, 2010

caricatures- Domo teethy, spongebob shirt , zebra glasses (JULY 2010)

more from the summer at Dorney Park, PA. let me know what you think. crits/ones you liked or didn't always whalecomed!

1. the guy had a great smile :) they had a domo doll and asked if I could draw it. it's funny, I drew 2 domo dolls in people's sketches this season and they were both on the same day. also, what did the cannibal say when it ate a clown?....this tastes funny. bada-bing! I don't know, just random.
2. he said it didn't look like him. I don't know, I think my likeness radar is usually pretty good for the most part. and I think this one is decent enough, maybe not THE best but I think it looks enough like him...whenever someone is pretty adamant that it doesn't look like them, it still makes me question myself even knowing that I'm pretty decent at knowing when I'm off or not.
3. this was a sweet couple, the guy was very affectionate towards her. I shouldn't have put that line above her upper lip--made her look older. you can't see it in the photo but she had crazy long hair. actually, it's prolly not necessary for me to point that out. it's not like I'd just randomly just make someone's hair super long, in which you'd go, "hey, I wonder why he drew her hair so long?! oh that chris, he's so weird..." heh.
4. I liked the way the girl came out, and how the faces flowed together on the page, the grandpa- likeness could have been stronger but it's decentable, I suppose...able...thumbs.
5. I missed on the girl, she kept moving around and usually, I'm pretty good at captchuaring a good likeness on figity folk and lil folk, not so good this time. I liked the other two enough though.
6. drew her too high, weird arm around, oh well, more commas, tried some no marker line for hair, i did like the coloring on her, seemed simplier, comma,
10. I tried pushing this one more...not really sure how I feel about it...think the likeness is sorta there...somewhere...over the rainbow, speaking of! fun colorful background. yay!
12. a nice couple. I love putting "and <---" on t-shirts. I think it's cute, k? heh. they bought a big frame for it too, yay!
13. hmm, could have really pushed it more and was planning on it...but just didn't for some reason.
14. could have given her more forehead.
15. quick demo that he bought.
17. not as happy with the likeness of the guy/made his neck too thick but I liked how the layout came together on this. got the background shape idea from seeing something fellow caricaturist and friend, Sam Gorrie, did in one of her sketches. the background color combo were the colors of the girl's sneaks. usually I draw too big, and think these were good sizes. they were really cool and liked the sketch, and bought a frame with it. then they sucked and returned the frame later on when I wasn't there (still bought the sketch) cause she said she "needed money to eat or she would throw up" which makes no sense. whatever.
19. holy moly, talk about overdoing a background! I tried to fix it and the more I worked on it the more convoluted and worse it got, ha ha.
20. a very nice couple. guy could have better likeness.
21. the mom came back with her other daughter a week later and searched me out to get drawn below which is pretty cool cause then you really know that they were happy with your work.
23. I drew the top one afterwards for fun for meself. the bottom tamer one is what I sold them- WAY too tame and lacks energy and fun. grr.
24. always fun drawing a parent with their kid.
25. simplified their head shapes. song "they" by "Jem" popping up on my Pandora now. good stuff. go listen.
26. quickie.
28. was happy with this one. simple.
31. my co-worker, Jordan, said I should have made his nose bigger. yeah, he's prolly right. I tried pushing the simplification on the girl. was happy with how I did her hair.
34. I was pretty happy with this one. should have done more 3-d floating shapes this season. oh whale...
36. I like the likenessess on thesesse twoss
37. this one kinda got all over the place, needs a stronger layout and design. but likeness and exaggeration were decent.
38.other than the top of the head shape being wobbely, I thought this came out fun.
39. they liked the rainbow background I gave them. see, I pick up on the details.
40. this kid's name was Talon. cool name. we have a rollercoaster with the same name in the park so that's cool too. you know what's not cool? when your 2 roommates eat the last 2 bags of your doritos without asking. for shame.
42. should have made the left one's mouth closer to her nose.

43. kinda an awkward squeeze with her head, prolly should have just extended the woman's body so it's less floaty.
44. this was a fun happy lady. I love fun happy people.
45. she and her dad really liked it. fun silly shirt too.
46. I enjoy drawing a 3 person family with little kid, usually makes for a nice contrast and layout.
47. this was a nice and appreciative family. I was happy with the likenesses.
50. yay, I don't seem to get to draw as many adult couples, to it was nice. thought this was a nice blend of exaggerated and cartoony cute. need to do more of this kind of stuff.
51. she wasn't as pleased with how I drew her eyes. he was cool about it.
52. I had some good lighting so I thought I'd work on the coloring more. thought it came out decent.
53. this was a very fun and playful couple. teasing and goofing on each other the whole time I was drawing them. they asked if I could draw her choking him, heh. then a cicada flew on my easel and the guy got up and put it on his hand. I put a red circle on the photo. also drew it on his shoulder.
54. I like the 3-d shapey of this one
56. he asked to be a dinosaur hunter. I'm not usually the best with drawing body sitchuaations especially right on the spot and ones I've never done before but thought this one came out better than expected and fun enough.

57. top one I drew for myself afterwards. bottom one was what I sold them, they got their kids drawn by a different artist earlier in the day and that artist drew a bit more tame so I didn't feel so bad toning it down a bit this time. actually, the top one woman likeness isn't as good as the bottom.
60. he and his family had a good laugh from this. I'm iffy on this, I feel like it could have been more...something. I don't know, needs something.
62. they bought a frame and as I was framing it up, the dad was asking/telling me that it didn't look like him. c'mon. It looks like you. sheesh. sometimes, ok, I won't be sure or it may be iffy, but I know I got this one.

OVERALL THOUGHTS for the month
So yeah, nothing really too earth shattering this month either, I think overall, this season I didn't really go as crazy or experimental. couldn't really find my groove for the most part. I WAS trying different things and approaches but they were more subtle stuff and most peeps prolly won't see it. I think towards the very end of the summer I did a bit and then at the very end of the season, I started to change my approach and thinking a bit and was happier with my solutions. more pics from August coming up soonish

FREE CRAZY ABSTRACT CARICATURES BY ME!!!! (if you live near Bethlehem, PA that is) so it's looking like I will be drawing free caricatures at Euro Yogurt in the very near future...like in December especially on their "1st Fridays" which is a cool thing where the whole street downtown puts out artsy cool stuff for people to check out and buy and people do artsy stuff. fun and free to check out! check their window for flyers when things become more concrete. or email me if you want particulars and what other days I'll be doing it. ALSO!!! my good buddy and one of the most badass awesome caricature artists, Matt Zitman, will be joining me! seriously, go click on his link to check out his work. and he doesn't even post all the cool stuff he does. oh and we're going to be doing some wild and crazy stuff, this aint your cute caricature deal! :)

some ISCA CARICATURE CON '10/ VEGAS thoughts
Also, just got back from the ISCA caricature convention in Las Vegas. had an amazing fun time! and I actually drew stuff this year, heh. overall, I was happy enough with the stuff I did. got rushed at the end but definitely on the right direction to where I want to take my personal stuff, I think. I'll post those pics when I get to them. I like posting stuff in the order I do them.

Also, I spent a couple days after the convention ended in Vegas, stayed with a friend who lives there, Sam Gorrie, who's also an awesome caricature artist herselfies. seriously, go check out her work and I defy you to tell me it's not radtastic! I got to explore the areas outside the main Vegas strip a bit and I actually really like the area there. they pretty much have everything there I like-- SOO many places to go and TONS of cool places to eat and try. and they have palm trees. I like palm trees. no seriously, heh. AND I met some pretty cool friggin people there too...really wished I could have stayed longer to hangout more...but if the pieces fall together and all goes whale, I might be taking a visit in the next month or so. *fingers crossed*

Figure drawing sketches below!


Derek Edwards said...

That's one hell of a post. Love your stuff.

Aaron said...

Great set, Chua. and happy new year. I'm trying to think of some crit for you.

Aaron said...

Hey, by the way, have you heard of this guy, "the real Chris Chua." ha. that's a laugh. forgive me if I've mentioned him before. I'm not sure if I have or haven't.

Aaron said...

ok. here's my crit. I think the glares in the eyes you draw, feel forced sometimes. or something about the glares.

chris chUa! said...

thanks! and good call on the eye glare thing! I've never really felt confident when doing those and just wing different variations hopeing something would seem to work...I should really figure them out more. zitman has given me some grief for eyes in general too, says I make them look kinda dead.

oh yeah, I know about the "real chris chua" his art is pretty good! I wrote on his blog a while back ago hat I must be the "fake chris chua" heh.

Aaron said...

alright. I always wanted to do this. I hope you appreciate how long this took me. I know it says each number twice but that's cuz of some confusion on microsoft word where I typed this out.

1. 1 like guys teeth, think the black of his eyes should be filled in more
2. 2 like the ear size, not sure about flat top, distance between chin and mouth
3. 3 love this one, think girls nose should be wider
4. 4 this one’s precious, think the girls head should look more like its coming out of the hat, think the guy’s mouth should be wider, think th girl’s double chin should be apparent, like the weird combo and the amount of texture variety
5. 5 I really like the mom and the girl’s squinty eyes, but feel her eyelids should be present.
6. 6 Real solid likeness and I like how it feel like you’re making fun of your own drawing, and I think maybe the guy’s chin should be more rounded off on the bottom. I don’t see the sharp edges
7. 7 I like the weirdness of the nose and how you did the heart, I think you should have made the guy’s head more rounded off and the girl’s eyes smaller
8. 8 Love the guy’s teeth and mouth shape and some things about his eye shape, feel you should have made the girl’s nose bigger
9. 9 Pretty good teeth, wish you would have caught more of the nuance, I like the size of the guy’s ears and the face line on the right that stops short
10. 10 Love the size of the kid’s eyes and the design of his nose, not sure about the shape of his eyes or the shape of his mouth
11. 11 The girl on the right side of the photo looks like Jason Schwartsman with some of David Foley to me. As for your drawing, I like the way the girl on the left turned out, especially the nose, but feel there should be more black in her eyes
12. 12 Love the guy’s shirt and hat, think his girl is too skinny and her top lip is too thin
13. 13 The guy is great except his sunglasses, the girl is great except she needs more black in her eyes

Aaron said...

14. 14 Strangest connector line ever, I like his mouth, feel his chin should be more connected to his neck
15. 15 In the structure of his lips I think he needs a wider dip down in the middle of the upper lip, I like the angle on the face shape, but feel the face isn’t as short and squat
16. 16 Like the mouth, like the nose, like the eyebrow and hair connector, not sure about the scribbly circle in the bangs
17. 17 Love it love it, think the guy’s eyes should be more squinty and further apart
18. 18 Like the guy, think the girl needs more chin
19. 19 Like the guy, feel the girl’s nose should be more bulbous
20. 20 Like the guy’s nose, eyes, and cheek, disagree with the teeth shape, think they’re not so straight across
21. 21 Like it a lot, like the squares, dislike the texture in the hair
22. 22 Love the dad, feel the mother needs a more rounded off, bulkier chin
23. 23 Love it, not sure about the sharp edges around her lip and chin. 23b Like the wobbly thick and thin jaw
24. 24 Like the guy, feel the girl’s nose should be more upturned
25. 25 Like both mouths, feel the left girl’s nose should be wider
26. 26 Like it a lot, feel the girl needs more cheek and less pointy chin
27. 27 Love the right kid’s mouth, feel he needs a lower cheek
28. 28 love the background swirl, wish the boy’s chin was less defined
29. 29 like it, disagree with the high nose
30. 30 love the girl on the right and especially love the bizarre connectors and the chuaness, wish you got the cattness of the boy’s eyes
31. 31 wish the guy’s nose was more rounded and his shoulders more carefully handled, I enjoy the likenesses, love the color and the hearts and the texture of her hair
32. 32 I enjoy the shape of his eyes, the shape of his lips and the connectors, I feel both of them need lower eye pockets
33. 33 I like the guy’s face shape, feel his eyebrows should be lower and not sure about the nose
34. 34 Love this one, feel maybe he should be darker
35. 35 Like the design of the guys nose and I enjoy the ear connector, feel the girl’s eyes are too wide

Aaron said...

36. 36 Love the guy, wish the girl’s smile lines were visible
37. 37 Love both of them, feel both would be better without eye glares
38. 38 Love the glasses and ear, feeel the nostrils should be further apart
39. 39 I enjoy the color, feel the eye brow, nose connector could have been drawn just as easily after the picture was finished. It’s not ingrained enough in the composition
40. 40 that’s a good one alright, but I disagree with the overly rounded eyeshape and wish the nose was wider
41. 41 like the squint of the girl, wish the guy’s beard was handled differently
42. 42 like the design of the left girl’s teeth, feel she needs chin, disagree with the wideness of the right girl’s face
43. 43 love it, feel the guy is too brown
44. 44 good likeness, wish you had captured some of the nuance of her teeth
45. 45 good nose, good likeness, not enough interesting stuff going on
46. 46 love the girl on the right, feel the guy’s face is more rounded
47. 47 awesomely weird connector, and good likenesses, feel the guy has too much bulk to his face
48. 48 great round eyes on the youngen, feel that some nice round cheeks could really echo them and enrich your likeness
49. 49 girl turned out good, guy turned out pretty good, maybe a little too beefy
50. 50 love love the guy, feel you got the top line of the girl’s smile backwards. I feel it should arc in the opposite direction and maybe her eyebrows could be lower
51. 51 love it love it, wish the guy’s nose was bigger
52. 52 love the square eye thing, disagree with the straight, center lip line
53. 53 girl turned out great, guy turned out pretty great too, don’t know about the squared off chin
54. 54 love the dimensiony element, not sure why the lips are so square
55. 55 good likeness on the girl, pretty good likeness on the guy, wish you had made his chin smaller and connected it to his neck and made her shirt say “Philbys”
56. 56 great job on the dino and the volcanoes, feel the kid has lighter eyebrows
57. 57 the guy doesn’t need a bottom lip, and the girl needs a wider nose, I enjoy the guy’s eyebrows and nostril shape, 57b dig the likeness on the guy, feel the woman needs more forehead and to look older
58. 58 Good job on both, wanna feel more lower eye pocket pushing up on both of them
59. 59 Like the girl on the left, feel the middle girl needs more chin and smaller eyes
60. 60 Good job good job, enjoy the mouth, wish the nose was more bulbous and rounded over
61. 61 Great job on the guy on the left, feel his little brother’s nose should be higher and his eyebrows lighter
62. 62 Great job on your dad and little sister, he turned out great, I wish she had some thin lower eye pockets and thinner eyes

Aaron said...
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chris chUa! said...

MAN!!!! YOU RULE, Aaron!!!! friggin AWESOME crits! and I agree with pretty much 97% of what you said. I know it takes a while to write all this stuff so greatly appreciated!! and I'll be returning the favor!! lots of great informative crits that I think will help me improve and keep my tendencies in check!

PRIN☮CHIIZ said...

its so nice . Im following !

justfrancesca said...

Laughed out loud on 42 :D

chris chUa! said...