Monday, March 28, 2011

Figure drawing 2 July 2010

1. 15-20 min. I liked this one, I started with the marker on the legs then worked my way up and it kinda just worked out
5. I was happy with this one
8. right now I'm really diggin that song "rocketeer" by Far East Movement. just a happy chill song that makes me feel all fuzzy and bear huggy.
10.10 min. I was happy with this one.
11. 20 min. something a lil different, this is in the vein of the type of liney work I used to do. was kinda fun to revisit.
13. 10 min.
15. 20 min. I was happy with the lines and colors on this.
16. 10-15 min. I liked the swoopy line.
17. 10 min. bah. kinda plain, one of the few sketches that I actually penciled out 1st and it usually turns out more eh.
18. 10 min.
18. 10 min. I really should do more of these aggressive lines on my caricature work. that's what I feel lacks a lot of the new york times.
19.10 min. eh...not the most exciting one...
21. ~15 min. this one was kinda fun, just jumped from line to line winging it without any real gameplan other than trying to play off of the recliner and silhouette...ok, I guess that is sort of a gameplan, heh...but it was vague.


Katie Lawter said...

Lookin' good. You always make figure drawing look fun. Numbah 11 has got some claaaaassy lumps there.

justfrancesca said...

Nice sketches here. A lot of them have life in em.

chris chUa! said...

thanks, you two!