Friday, March 06, 2009

Caricature- Torqued baby (FEB 2009)

and one more from this batch. For fun and practice I redrew a previously sold sketch that I wasn't as happy with. I thought this baby had a great face to draw and the one I sold, I thought I missed on the possibilites and likeness so I gave it another go. 
btw, I just got an ephiphany on doing more of something in my live sketches that I'd do once in a while in the past and liked but never really did too much of it. I want to try bringing it back more...let's see how succussful I am at it. I'll have a day to test it out this weekend.


Pavel Jakubec said...

he-he-he ... very funny child.

A.C said...

I really dig this approach you're taking!

justfrancesca said...

That baby's got a great mug! Great caricature!

J.BOSCO said...

great caricature!
very good!

martinus said...

Thanks for the compliment...loving your work. I added your link.
Would you maybe wanna swap caricatures?

Dam Ferreira said...


very beautiful
I like your style

great job

chris chUa! said...

thanks, everyone!

martinus- yeah, I'd TOTALLY love to swap caricatures. mine would just take a lil while, as I've still got a bunch of friends that I've promised caricatures to that I've got to get too.