Thursday, January 08, 2009

Me with Scott Adsit ( NBC's "30 Rock") NYC con 2008/ con sketches

Here's some older comicbooky stuff that I just found again and never got around to posting on the blog. Before I really got immersed into caricature, I was into comic books and would go to comic conventions with friends of mine, setting up a booth and doing commissions and all that good stuff. Here's some pics and stuff from 2008's NY comic con. there were over 60,000 people that attended last year, I might be going to this year's one.

Here's me with Scott Adsit, actor on the TV show "30 Rock" on NBC, one of my favorite shows. that and "The Office" are the only 2 shows I watch religiously. I also go to church religiously. bada-bing! ok, lame joke....but secretly, you know it's awesome, right? eh? eh? :)

Here's the story of how we met my buddy, Jong, and I were hanging at our table space at the convention talking about the show 30 Rock and how awesome that show is, this guy walks up to us, says to Jong, "hey, are you Jong?" and Jong goes, yeah...have we met before? you look familiar..." and he goes "I'm on this show called 30 Rock" ha! how awesome is that! turns out our other friend and studiomate, Jason, who was over at a different table a few rows away, knew Jong was a big fan of the show and told him to walk over to our table. seriously, WHO does that? awesome Scott Adsit, that's who! he was really down to earth and cool.

So for those that don't know how things work at a convention like this, you buy a table/booth space and you usually put your portfolio/comics/whatever you want to sell on your table, people come by look at your stuff and if they like it, commission you to draw stuff, usually comic book characters. So Scott starts flipping through my art and making little small talk. He's making some nice comments about my work, and I'm just thinking, he's just "being nice." We did the usual "wow, you're awesome, I love your show!" thang and once that's about up, I'm guessing, he's like, oh, I guess I should browse through some of their work. He WAS very down-to-earth and cool, very personable. Then to my surprise, Scott commissioned me to draw him a sketch of Hyde from League of Extraordinary Gentleman! I was psyched! You might remember Hyde from the movie of the same name that came out a few years ago with Sean Connery as the lead. It was originally a comic for those that don't know. That guy who wrote and created League, Alan Moore, also wrote the original graphic novels from which the upcoming Watchman and From Hell (with Johnny Depp) movies are adapted from.

here's a closer look at the sketch of Hyde I did for Scott. I wanted to color it and spend more time on it, but it was at the very end of the show on Sunday and I ran out of time. He seemed to really like it so that's cool. Meeting Scott and getting to draw something for him was definitely a big highlight of the show.

oh and on a sidenote, a woman comes up to me and asks me what the deal is with my Cripple con t-shirt I was wearing. she was in a wheelchair. I explained it to her and she still seemed a bit confused but seemed cool with it. of course, I'm the world's best explainer (not!) so maybe that's why. Cripple con 2 is less that 2 weeks, can't wait! woo!

here's a few of the other commissions I did at the con--


Hulk vs. Wolvie. The guy who commissioned me said I could do anything I wanted so I did this.
Busch Gardens caricatures coming up soon, I'm working on that post now!


Edo said...

Totally awesome and absurd style!!! Excellent!! Happy 2009!!!

chris chUa! said...

thank you, Edo!