Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caricatures: Connect faces! most ridiculous sold sketch, most piercings guy, Zitman/Chua collab 2 (MAY 2008)

drawn during the month of MAY 2008 at Dorney Park, PA & Six Flags, NJ

1 this was a teacher who was waiting for his students so I drew him as a demo. We had a long nice chat about lots of stuff. then he saw the sketch and I don't think he was too thrilled anymore-- he wasn't necessarily pissed but I could tell our previous pleasantries had turned a bit more icy and he quickly wanted to be on his way. I did warn him that I was going to make it really funny beforehand. he had a great fun face.



4 demo. I liked the simplicity of it

5 ehh...think the likeness was lacking.







12 something that I've been wanting to do and finally started doing it more and more is when drawing more than 1 person on a page is to have "connect lines" which I like to call them where lines from one face flow into another's. like on this one the left side girl's face connects/forms into the other girl's hair. They'll be a lot more examples of this in the coming posts. Drawing couples has prolly become my most favorites to draw now because of trying to find that unique line(s) that connects both faces.



15 fun demo








23 she really liked it.

24 she had...interesting teeth.

25 this was a fun demo in that my co-worker and I decided to both draw him at the same time. when he saw mine he was like "awwwwww man! why did you draw me so ugly! awww man!" and kept going on and on about it. He wasn't being sarcastic either. and then surprisingly, he bought both of our sketches.



28 I like this one. more connect lines. smiley face green dots

29 I like the line of the eye into the glasses.



32 trying to push the dynamics.


34 I really like this one and the rendering on the hair.



37 both had great fun faces to draw, especially the grandma.



40 after the guy saw the sketch he said that I had drawn his brother at Great Wolf Lodge a couple months ago. He recognized my signature.

41 I liked the way the guy came out, I liked the way the wacky ear/chin area came out. the guy was pretty confused when he saw the sketch, don't think he liked it too much.

42 this one and the next 2 were from the same group. they were cool and appreciative of the sketches. they are also part of "RanDUMB acts" a myspace thingy. I thought it was a cool name.




46 not so good likeness, saw something and decided to try it.

47 doing live caricatures you'll always come across "hecklers" where it'll be passer-byers who will stop and make negative or "funny" comments. this was one of those times, a large group came by and started saying stuff like "don't buy that! I can't believe he drew you like that" and shouting other stuff over and over. Obviously, this isn't good and usually makes the sitting guest being draw really nervous and can already make them think negatively before even seeing it, making it at times, more likely they'll reject the drawing. This situation is probably one of the worst instances that I've experienced. luckily, the people I drew liked it! whew.


49 This was a demo. and he bought it! This is the most ridiculous sketch that I've ever sold. check out his wobbley arms.

50 one of their friends watching said "draw him as a turtle" I don't know why they wanted that, but hey, works for me, I can never refuse a turtle request, this was just a double face, but I threw in a quick turtle for free.

51 don't think this girl liked the sketch very much, but she still bought it...but then never came back to pick it up. oh and asian face braces are yay.

52 fun connect line from eye to nose to mouth and line from face around to ear.



55 demo. um. yeah. thought I'd try something with the ears. he looks like those test mice where they grow an ear from their backs.



58 thought I really missed on the likeness on the middle one with the glasses. I like the bottom kid with the hat. that one line that makes up his hat and hoodie.


60 I like the nose to mouth line.

61 connect line from face to top of girl's head. made girl look older though.

62 demo. had a nice chat with these guys and the chatty guy on the right was saying stuff like "oh yeah, I'll come back with my family and you can draw them up" etc. etc. he was all into it...then he saw the sketch and was quiet. I thanked them for sitting, as I always do. They walked away pretty quiet, prolly from the shock of it and as the chatty guy was walking away he saw one of my co-worker (who draws more "nice" and cute) drawing someone and said aloud, "now look at that! they look dignified" heh. hey, I did mention that I was going to go nuts and they agreed and were cool with it. Something tells me he's not going to bring his family back to get drawn by me, heh.


64 demo

65 I've always really disliked drawing "beach bodies." I always thought they were boring and never really put too much thought into what I could do to make it more fun for me to draw. Then I saw fellow park caricaturist Brian Oakes (who I think is one of the best out there) do a sketch where he had the guy carrying a sitting girl in his hand and I thought that was a great fun idea. so I borrowed that idea. I thought it'd be extra ridiculous if I had drawn her body super small and actually have her standing in his palm. a pretty bland/tame one of the woman though. I've done more variations of these type of beach bodies that I actually like that'll be coming up in following posts.

66 demo that I really liked.



69 demo that was bought.



72 thought I got his facial expression.



75 this guy holds the guinness world's record for most piercings in his ears. this guy couldn't be more nice or soft spoken. I don't think I did it quite justice though.

76 this one was one of the more aggressive connect lines but sometimes I concentrate too much on finding a connect line that it can mess up my likeness and exaggeration like I made the guy's nose too small and the girl isn't really that exaggerated.


78 after she saw the sketch, she said, "the top of your head looks like a house." yes. yes it does.

79 I was happy with the mom. not too exaggerated but simple, designy and nice.

80 these people were cool.

81 demo. kid wanted to do that pose. not a very good likeness, but I liked the lines.

82 this was a reject he was like "awww, man! why'd you make me ugly!" hey, I told him that I draw really funny, heh.

83 I like the graphic coloring. hmm...I should do more of that.


85 demo. he saw it and said "where's my face?!" and then he paused and said, "no, really, where's my face?!" hee hee. I like it.

86 eh. demo. trying stuff.

87 demo that was bought.

88 wacky demo.

89 I remember the mom saying she didn't like it. not a reject though, heh.

90 she wouldn't smile for the camera.

91 I liked the connect line of nose to the ear.

92 demo, missed on likeness.



95 I like the way the bottom dude came out.



98 lots of more awkwardish/design lines which I liked.

99 I mostly just like that connect line that goes from ear ring to neck.

100 demo that was bought. I like drawing curly hair, usually I'll keep the same continuous line and just keep swirling around. like this one. it's fun. hat is made up of 1 line.

101 Collaboration. this was drawn by Mike Crawford and I thought I'd color it for fun.

102 the 2nd collaboration with Matt Zitman. I drew the left one 1st. didn't give Matt much room left.

JUNE 2008 sketch post coming soon! More Zitman collabs! even crazier sketches! super wacky 3-D shaped caricatures! more rejects! Yay!


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

(My OFFICIAL statement about the Art of Chris Chua!) -- The KId is STRAIGHT UP out of his friggin MInd!!!-- end quote

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

The graphic coloring is really cool, you should run with that.

justfrancesca said...

Great stuff, as usual. My favorite Chua eyes are the ones that are connected and rolling--when the people are super happy and wacky. It's like they caught your personality! I really like the idea of connecting couples' faces--I'd say all the ones you put on this post worked, too.
Just a word about likeness, though, sometimes you miss it in all the craziness. But everyone misses likeness sometimes, so I don't really know why I said that--I guess I wanted to give you some feedback but it backfired. Oh well. Cool drawings.

chris chUa! said...

sean- hee hee, thanks :) and yeah, I should get back to more graphic coloring.

francesca- no, no, the feedback is greatly appreciated! yeah, I DO miss on likeness when I get crazier, still trying to figure out how to balance out more crazy but still retain likeness. I think it's only recently, as in the past couple weeks that I feel more confident that I can get a better likeness. and I like the super happy ones too, yeah, you're right, I SHOULD do more of them!