Tuesday, February 02, 2010

ISCA Caricature convention art! 2009 Philby/Nate/Chua Collabs! (Nov)

This past November I attended the annual ISCA caricature convention. This was my 2nd one I attended. As always, it's such an amazing time! nothing beats hanging and drawing caricatures with some of the most talented and coolest people out there! unfortunately, once again like last year, I didn't really draw as well as I prolly could have, but I still had soooo much fun! Next year's going to be held in Las Vegas, I'll be there!

1. Kari Fry! a very cool and talented artist. my plan for this convention was to draw multiple people on one page. Kari was the only single one that I did...I wasn't going to but she really wanted one and enticed me with some pizza, heh, so I drew her and actually, I prolly should have done more of this stuff instead of trying to do one giant crazy one that didn't turn out so well, heh. I like the flowyness of the lines but think the likeness could have been better- cheeks are too high, mass should have been lower.

2. this was 1 of 3 people we drew for the likeness competition. I was sitting with my good buddy Andy Urzua at the time and we had I think 5 minutes to draw it from the photo they put up and I was goofing around with him and said, let's wait until the last possible second to start drawing and see who can wait the longest, heh, he agreed. I think we had about a minute left before we both started drawing. I decided to draw it with 1 continuous line. actually, this might be my favorite thing I drew at the convention, heh. oh and we had to label it as "B" so that's what that is at the bottom of his neck. I did another one for the likeness competition (of a different person) but forgot to take a picture of it and can't seem to find if anyone else took a picture of it. I actually kinda liked that one too. oh well.

3. ok, so here's what mainly I worked on for the whole week at the convention. I wanted to do mutiple people on a page and was deciding who to draw. I thought I'd draw a few of the Japanese artists together. then as I was sketching them, I decided why not up the ante and put more on the page. and more got carried away until I decided to draw every male Japanese artist that came to the convention. the idea was to have each person be outlined by a different color, I color dotted the photo reference to help people match who is who. some of them got waaaay too convoluted and hard to make out. oh well. live and learn. the main overall caricature is of Shiori, who is an awesome Japanese caricature artists and one of my favs. check out her work!
Right below are some collab pieces I did with my friends Aaron Philby and Nate Kapnicky who are also 2 of my favorite caricature artists. the idea was that we each drew a few lines then passed it on to the next person without telling them what the plan was to make it challenging and fun. case in point, for this one, I had no idea what Aaron's intention was for his 1st few lines, heh. we drew Glenn Ferguson (left) who also won the Golden Nosey at this con and past Golden Nosey winners, Kage Nakanishi (right) and Court Jones (top)


5. we decided to start 2 more at the same time so that we wouldn't be waiting around for the person to finish drawing. I think I like this one best.


here's some cool videos made by Brian Vasilik that he filmed at the con that gives you an idea of this year. I make a cameo at the 3:38 mark. I'm wearing a dark green shirt drawing at the easel with my back turned and name tag strap turned to my back.

another cameo of me at the 1:00 mark.

gives you a sampling of the awesome artwork that was created this year.

RANDOM THOUGHTS- Movies Reviews! so maybe I must have weird taste cause there's some movies that people like that I just hate. example- didn't like Transformers- hated it, boring, not entertained (although I did enjoy Transformers 2) ok, so maybe that's not THAT weird that I didn't like it, I bet some people could understand that, as that's not really the most "deep" movie and is meant to be more a fun action summer pic. ok, how about "Lost in Translation" I know a lot of people like it and I think all my friends like it and it was "critically well received" but I didn't like it, I wanted to like it, but thought it was too slow and boring, I got that it's suppose to be a slice of life and wanted to show the slow pace of how it could be...but just wasn't entertained enough. I DO like the quirky smaller indie films Punch Drunk love, it's one of my favorite movies. I watched "Up in the air" and I heard a lot of good things about it and seemed like a movie I'd like but I did not like it, found it boring, nothing interesting or clever or big character events. really disappointing. I didn't get what all the hoop la was about. watched "an Education" heard good things and it got a 95% review at Rotten Tomatoes which for those that don't know, is a consensus of a whole bunch of reviewers from all over. 95% is a pretty friggin high rating. so yeah, I did not like it. boring. seriously. I don't get it. a lot of the plot didn't really make sense. I was like "really? these characters are actually making these decisions?" this movie sucks. watched "the Spirit" wasn't expecting it to be as silly and campy as it was. it was ok, fun enough. not great, but had some entertaining moments. "Definitely, Maybe" cute fun movie, it had an interesting structure to it, different. fun. I enjoyed it. 500 days of Summer is still my favorite movie that I've seen in prolly the last year or two.

Sea World, Orlando, Florida caricature sketches coming up later this week!


Aaron said...

WOW. Huge post! Its great to see all this stuff again.

dan hay said...

Cool collabs. Your styles fit together perfect!

Mr. Urzua said...

one of those colabs has me in it, fyi