Saturday, February 06, 2010

Caricature- Sean Evans lippage (DEC 2009)

this is Sean Evans, a 1st year caricature artist at Sea World, Florida. He's a cool dude with lots of potential. there are artists who draw a lot but don't really try to get better or hear advice and agree with it but don't really try and apply it. Sean is none of those, he takes suggestions/crits well and tries really hard to improve and he's already made some pretty large strides in improvements, at the rate he's going, he's gonna be one to look out for!
also funny story, Sean somehow stumbled onto my blog and wrote a nice comment on my blog. I checked out his profile and blog and found out that he worked at Sea World and it just so happens that I was going to visit there and be drawing with him in 2 weeks! I thought that was a funny coincidence, and he didn't know that I was coming too.
Sean was the only fellow caricaturist that I drew while I was down at Sea World for 2 weeks. I definitely wanted to draw more of everyone but just didn't get around to it, I'm sure I'll get to it soon. I was relatively happy with this, it's pretty out there and shapey and I think the likeness is pretty decent. Sean always makes that pouty face, prolly should have made the bottom lip bigger- oh well. I've always wanted to push the coloring like this and explore it. I'm a big fan of this sorta very colorful coloring style that some of my very favoritist caricaturists like: David Cowles, Pablo Lobato, Philip Burke do so awesometastic. I want to try selling some live caricatures like this.

more live stuff I did in post below--


cabap said...

wonderful job Chris,
jan :)

dan hay said...

You really manage to capture peoples motion, which I'm extremely jealous of. Sorry I didn't see you much while you were down here, I would have loved one of these!

chris chUa! said...

jan- thanks!!

dan- thanks! and don't worry, I'll draw one up of ya! hopefully sooner than later! but I want one from you as well! :)

Brian Oakes said...

Its a ball sac. What coud that be on his face other than a ball sac?

kanishk said...

Always so intriguing. I love the burning puppy though.

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