Tuesday, May 12, 2009

caricatures- messing around (APRIL 2009)

here's a few past customers that I redrew for myself for fun and is closer to what I should have done.



3. I'm trying to go more in this direction with more minimal lines...



KeelanParham said...

Hey Chris. Keelan Parham here. Not sure we've ever met, or if you know me from Adam. I used to be VP for many years, then Prez of the NCN. When I competed at the cons, I usually won the abstract awards (among a few other divisionals and fourth place overall one year), so abstract caricatures are dear to my heart. I've kept up with your blog for awhile ( a lurker), just to see what you're doing. Consistently some inspiring, gutsy stuff. True likeness, however, is often lacking (don't hate me for saying it... just being honest). I'm writing today because with the last one here, the boy with the glasses in the green shirt, I actually SEE the likeness a bit. Good job. Whatever you did here to abstract him but keep the likeness, KEEP doing it. Nice job.

Aaron said...

true likeness is only achieved when you leave out an eye, young padawan.

chris chUa! said...

hey Keelan! yeah, man, I know who you are, your work is great! I dig the abstract stuff. and I LOVE the honest crit. I'm always for it! I always thought my likeness were pretty decent, and is something I really try for but I guess I've been missing. Is there something that you see that I'm consistently missing on? like I tend to miss certain traits of people? I know when I push it more, and take risks, I will lose likeness. but for ones where I consider my more "norm sketch" I always try for good likeness.

ironically, I wasn't as happy with the kid in the green shirt, you liked, heh.

I'm always reevaluating my work and trying to improve so hopefully my likeness will keep getting better.

thanks again for the comment!

btw, I could have sworn I added you into my links, but guess I didn't. I will now, though!

aaron- haha! :)

justfrancesca said...

These are excellent! I especially like the one where you went for more simple lines and left the girl's eye-ball out. And that top one made me laugh:)

chris chUa! said...

thanks, fran!