Monday, July 07, 2008

Caricatures- Turtle head! pizza head! banana body! (SEPT. 2007)

These were drawn at Great Wolf Lodge & Dorney park, PA-- SEPT. 2007.

hee hee

This one is prolly one of my very favorites. heh. There's times when you get a person and an idea strikes you and it's just too much fun( turtle!) and this one was a double whammy. the next few were from the same day as well. which is one of my greatest days, heh.

more turtle! yay!

turtle! and now with pizza!

this one didn't come out so great- bad layout but it was funny cause when this nice couple sat down the guy goes "hey, can you put a turtle on my head? you put a turtle on the heads of my students and I want one too" hee hee, I was shocked at 1st and couldn't believe he wanted one too but I was more than happy too oblige :) the jewish guy had lost his kippah in a rollercoaster and was now sporting a hat.

I was looking at this caricature photo recently, having not looked at it in a good while and then the very next day while working at Dorney, I saw this very couple, where I drew them a year ago. I said to them, "hey, I drew you last year!" and they remembered too. funny coinkydink.

this was a very nice and cute couple.

I was pretty happy with this one overall, not super crazy but thought it all mostly worked and was balanced. I liked the way the kid came out.

banana! heh. I missed on the likeness a bit- mouth area.

a demo that he ended up liking a lot and buying.

messed up that line for the nose/brow. was trying something and goofed.

trying out a new approach with more open and free flowing lines. my next challenge is to try airlines.

what teeth?

I liked the openness of the lines. I didn't like the unwanted texture. booo.

I was really happy with this one. tried to push the cartoony. I then tried pushing push-ups and failed. I pulled a muscle. then I threw up...a ball, that is. which hit me in the head, and made me throw up...on Bill Pullman on Independence day which was the other day. ok, I'm done.

I liked this one.

that guy was huge! nice couple too.

trying more open line style

I like this one.

demo. messing around, always wanted to integrate 2 person caricatures more, and more recently (as in summer'08) I have...more of that when I get closer to posting those posts.

more ones


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

HOLY EPIC POST CHUA!!! man theres some cool , crazy, twisted up stuff here. The turtle gag is pretty funny man, you totally have a different way of seeing things

Aaron said...

GOOD GOLLY, MiSS MOLLY!!! There's some really funny ones in the bunch. I thought you turned the yamukas into turtles on your own at first and I was thinkin, man that kid crazy. Man, those are ril funny. That unibrow kid is unirific, among many others.

chris chUa! said...

sean- thanks, dude! even crazier stuff in the coming posts.

aaron- thanks!! I DID come up with the turtles and pizza's for the yamakahs. I think it's one of my favorite spur of the moment ideas, heh. hmm...maybe it sounded like I didn't in the post comments? the couple one saw what I did earlier and just wanted one too. maybe I'll edit it so it's clear.

Mr. Urzua said...

these(turtles)make me laugh

Nate said...

lol, these are f28CKIN great, I can't wait ta jack some faces with ya in Raliegh if ur goin. We'll see who can mudalate more. You better go hoe!!

chris chUa! said...

andy- thanks!

nate- thanks! yeah, dude, I'll be going to the con in Raleigh this November! I'm excited! can't wait to draw with ya!