Sunday, July 06, 2008

Caricatures- Gover-Mint chip! hairy legs! melty eyeballs! Angie Jordan! (SEPT. 2007)

These were drawn at Great Wolf Lodge & Dorney Park, PA-- SEPT. 2007.

another of friend and artist, Mike Crawford, who wanted to be overthrowing the government.

another of fellow caricaturist, Courtney Sell. oh and so she doesn't get mad she doesn't have a baby belly or hairy legs in real life, heh. I forgot why I did that, we must have been joking around about that.

Another of Lauren. I like this one mucho.

another of Ela. messing with liney open line style. not sure I like it too much. looks kinda creepy.

This is of fellow NCN (National caricature network) caricaturist member, Angie Jordan. She happened to be visiting Dorney park while I was there that day. She's really cool and fun to talk to.

Jen Alba

another of Alex. eh.

this is the very cool Liz. one of those people where I just have a very hard time drawing. this is one I was sorta ok with.

1st of many of Jess. I like how the mouth connects into the ear.

here's a double of Jess and Liz. I liked the Jess, and again didn't get the likeness of Liz.

Julia and Marian


Mr. Urzua said...

im digging all of these ones here....crazy shapes going on. colors like, whoa!!

chris chUa! said...

thanks, andy!