Friday, April 11, 2008

Caricatures: Vanna 2! Marian 6 mouf, Julia 2! Tony, Ketchup/Mustard commission (JUNE 2007)

Here's some caricatures of friends and co-workers drawn during JUNE 2007.

Here's the 2nd one I drew of, Vanna!, fellow caricaturist at Dorney Park. This one is pretty creepy looking, heh.

This is JR. I mostly like this except for the sloppy gauge in the ear.

another one of co-worker, Tony. hee hee, I like the frown.

This is the 2nd one of co-worker, Julia! she's wacky but still cool ;)

The 6th one of co-worker, Marian. prolly my favorite one of her I've done so far. oh and there's Julia, looking goofy in the background, heh.

here's the 2nd of fellow caricaturist, Courtney, from Dorney Park. not as happy with likeness on this one. I did a couple more of her I'll post coming up.

here's a commission I did. would have done things a bit differently now but overall I was happy enough with it. the ketchup and mustard was an inside joke, she used to have that orange pinto, and the guy likes star wars.

More stuff from July 2007 coming up! and even crazier ones!


BEN said...

Uoh! Your caricature is really funny, I love the round form of the eyes!!
I done at Sam Gorrie this question yet ,but your colour seems different so..: can you tell me what kind of colour and inkpen do you use?
Thanks and compliments again!
I wish you all the best! :D cheer!

chris chUa! said...

thanks, ben! I use prismacolor color stix for the color and for my live sketches use a marker made in canada called a "markette" made by Dixon- I'm not sure how easily available those markers are too get as I personally haven't seen them in stores. I get them from the company I work for. I think a decent alternative is a Copic marker or a prismacolor marker.
For the commissioned piece I inked it differently, with a cheap watercolor brush with india ink and some Sakura microns. hope that helps!

Marlo Meekins said...

Your style is really really unique and hilarious!

BEN said...

thanks so much Chris for the kind answer!!

Nate said...

I'm really enjoyin ur new stuff man, really fun.

Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

I"m along with Nate on that, this stuff lookin pretty deadly

Aaron said...

Way cool as always. Only more-so. (:

chris chUa! said...

nate, sean, aaron- thanks, dudes!!!

chris chUa! said...

oops, forgot to say thanks to Marlo, too! so, thanks, Marlo! YOU'RE stuff is hilarious and unique and badass!