Friday, April 11, 2008

Caricatures: Woody woodpecker, lip pull down (JUNE 2007)

here's caricatures I did back in the month of June 2007 at Great Wolf Lodge and at Dorney park.

I like this one a lot, just wish I didn't crop the head. My girlfriend calls this one the woody wood pecker one. This was a demo that they later came back and bought. yay!

This is one of my very favorite caricatures. I was really happy with the simplicity and stylization of this. Oddly enough I haven't done as many of these kinds. But now (which is about another year later since I did that one) my work is getting back to more of this type- simplier, cartoonier.


double yay!

yay yay yay!

ok, enough of the yays....gajab!

hee, hee. he posed for that face he wanted.

I like the eyes

This was a demo that the family ended up buying. They said that they had him draw before at other places and mine was by far looked the most like him. cool beans! wished I did a better job on the hat though.

I was happy with the likeness.

I was happy with this one, more line-y.

these people were cool.

Here's another of my favs. Me like simple of it.

This guy said it didn't look like him...and said that I made him look sickly.

He didn't think it looked like him. my co-worker commented that I destroyed his face, heh.

? yeah, I don't know either, heh.

Me likes this one. I have the tendency to overwork things, especially color, sometimes I like when I feel I have less time on them so I think faster and simplier/more efficient, which tends to make things look neater, me thinks.

Later on, I found out she came back and it was a reject-- and she had it redrawn by someone else. oh well, I thought I was going more nice too.

what the heck? I forgot to color that little area near the mouth.

I missed on the likeness. chose the wrong things to exaggerate. could have been a good one.

made her look older

I totally missed on the likeness, but thought it was odd (but fun) that he wanted a body of him lying in that pose.

um. yeah, this one came out too vicious.

found an older one I did in JANURARY 2007

another one from JANUARY 2007

tamer one

tamer one

tamer one

a non tamer one of the 3 girls above. they wanted to make a silly face for a one of them all together. the bottom one's nose I made way too big and teeth too big/nose too small on the left...

^these are the kids of a friend, Gigi! who is a cool lady!

missed on likeness a bit. eyes too far apart

Here's a bunch of ok/decent ones.


Sean (53AN) Gardner said...

WOW!! this is a SERIOUS awesome set of pictures Chris, you've got some strong likenesses throughout these that really fit your style. I love the woody wood pecker one, HILARIOUS!! also the bigger dude, black wife beater and one eye (in drawing) great use of simplification.

Aaron said...

It's all pure sweet insanity. Also, I drew that top kid too. I'm almost sure of it. I think I drew him with his sister. By golly, I wish I took a picture. I like yurs better though.

chris chUa! said...

sean- thanks, man! can't wait to post the ones I'm doing now. I think I'm moving in a more different direction.

aaron- thanks! and that's so awesome you drew that kid as well! would have been cool if you took a pic. I do remember that that top kid did have an older sister too!